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Kitsap County Public Works Prepares for Winter Weather

(Port Orchard, WA) – Last week’s blustery weather serves as an early reminder that winter weather is on the way. “It’s important for residents to prepare for winter driving, and to be aware of how we respond to snow and ice on County maintained roads,” said Doug Bear, spokesman for Kitsap County Public Works.

Kitsap County is adding a salt-brine mixture to its winter weather arsenal this year. “Many local agencies now use chemical de-icers to supplement sand that is traditionally used to help make roads safer during winter weather,” according to Don Schultz, County Road Superintendent. Kitsap County is using a salt brine solution on hills, curves, overpasses and other areas that are prone to icing, the areas where sand is typically used. “Sand is effective, but is prone to being blown off the road way by traffic, and requires multiple applications during a snow or ice event,” said Schultz. “We will still use sand, but the salt-brine mixture gives us another tool in the toolbox to help during winter storms.”

The question of corrosion always comes up when chemical de-icers are used. Kitsap County has prepared a fact sheet addressing those questions. It is available at the link below. The fact sheet also provides a check-off list of things to do to prepare for winter driving.

Chemical De-Icing Factsheet

The County also wants motorists to become familiar with how crews respond to winter storms. The County’s snow and ice policy defines the priorities, and explains property owner’s responsibilities during winter storms. The policy is available at

To view the snow plow road priority schedule, click here.
To view the snow plowing schedule map click here.



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