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Kitsap County Cuts Spending, Releases 2009 
Preliminary Budget

(Port Orchard, WA) - The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners unveiled the County’s 2009 $327,428,880 preliminary budget today. The budget is balanced despite a projected $5.9 million deficit in the County’s General Fund - the fund covering general county-wide government operations and services.   The preliminary budget is actually over $500,000 less than the adopted 2008 budget.

The recessionary economy, with declines in sales tax revenue, new construction and consumer confidence, has dramatically changed the County’s fiscal landscape, resulting in a $2.8 million (or 12.2%) decline in projected sales tax revenues and over $1.5 million in other revenues. The budget eliminates funding for 12.16 positions, including 2.66 Sheriff Deputies.  In addition, the budget decreased funding to outside agencies such as the Humane Society, the Historical Society, and the County’s Health District that rely on the County’s partial support of their programs. The Board also authorized the use almost $1.5 million in reserves as an anti-recessionary measure to balance the general fund budget shortfall and to supplement the Department of Community Development’s shortfall in building permit revenue.  The General Fund’s estimated fund balance remains above the reserve policy of 7.5% of revenue. Finally, the Board limited cost of living increases to 2% for non-represented County employees and elected officials, as the County continues to work with the bargaining units on similar limitations.

The preliminary budget will be deliberated in a public hearing scheduled for 7 pm, December 1, 2009, in Port Orchard.

The preliminary budget is balanced through a mixture of measures - some that control ongoing costs, such as lowered employee wages, and, to avoid deeper cuts to vital services, others that are anti-recessionary in nature and as such, generate one-time only savings.

“The steps we took in 2008 to live within our means put the county in a much better position going into 2009, despite the economic uncertainty,” Kitsap County Board of Commissioner Josh Brown said.

Commission Chair Steve Bauer noted that the budget does a good job of dealing with the impacts of the recession.  He noted that this budget is also a good start at dealing with the longer term issue of the limited growth in property taxes which is the largest revenue source for the General Fund.

“Our success in balancing the budget would not have been possible without everyone at the county - elected officials, employees, our unions, department heads - stepping up to the plate and working together to save taxpayer dollars, and I thank them all,” South Kitsap Commissioner Jan Angel said.

A full copy of the preliminary report can be found on the Kitsap County website at 



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