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Date: December 8, 2008
Contact: Vicki Bushnell
Waste Wi$e Coordinator
Phone: Kitsap One, 360-337-5777 
No: 2008-50

Kitsap County Wins 8th Award from Environmental Protection Agency

(Port Orchard) – The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that Kitsap County has won its eighth consecutive Waste Wise Partner of the Year Award. 

“This is the fifth year running they have won the Partner of the Year award,” said Lisa MacArthur, a manager in the Office of Air, Waste, & Toxics at the US EPA’s Region 10 office in Seattle. 

“They have become a role model for other local governments,” said MacArthur, citing the County’s mentoring efforts as one of the highlights of the Waste Wi$e Kitsap program. The program’s community involvement includes providing presentations at workshops and technical assistance to cities, counties, and agencies both locally and regionally.

The recycling program saved over $450,000 in 2007 and included paper products, tires, electronics, fluorescent tubes, and other items from daily operations. Road crews routinely reuse asphalt and road sand instead of paying disposal costs and then purchasing cost to buy new products.

While these are impressive activities, MacArthur noted, even the small things make a big difference, like no longer printing the employee phone directory, instead having it available on the Intranet page. Also, the new “Kitsap 24/7” webpage, which enables residents to more easily find online choices for County-related business, saves citizens time and gas and ultimately as the choices expand, will reduce paper usage for the departments. 

Other waste prevention efforts include the popular electronic Wa$te Exchange, which saved nearly $8,000 in 2007 by enabling departments to obtain surplus from other departments. It expanded recently to include office furniture in addition to everyday office supplies. 

The focus of the WasteWi$e Kitsap Program has expanded to include fuel and energy reduction initiatives, including outreach to County employees via the weekly employee newsletter, posters, and an anti-idling policy, all in cooperation with a separate energy conservation committee. 

Other expanded initiatives include branding several ongoing efforts under the Waste Wi$e Communities theme, also an EPA concept. This includes eco-tips for residents, a pilot project to increase recycling at multi-family complexes, a WasteWise @ Work technical assistance program for businesses, and a county-wide Waste Wi$e Communities newsletter intended to provide increased information about solid waste programs while reducing printing and distribution of the numerous publications it represents.

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