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Date: December 12, 2008
Contact: Doug Bear
Public Information Programs Supervisor
Phone: Kitsap One, 360-337-5777 
No: 2008-51

County Road Crews Prepare For The Storm

(Port Orchard, WA) Kitsap County road crews moved to round-the-clock shifts this morning in preparation for the winter storm expected to begin later today. “Our equipment is ready, we have a good stockpile of materials, and our crews are prepared,” said Don Schultz, Road Superintendent.

The County has 24 large trucks equipped for sanding and plowing, eight smaller trucks for targeted snow and ice removal operations, and five road graders that augment the other equipment. Operations preceding the storm focuses on applying a salt-brine mixture that is designed to help prevent snow and ice from adhering to the pavement. “We’ve been putting salt-brine down this week in anticipation of the storm, and we’ll continue that this morning,” said Schultz. Drivers are reminded to stay at least 200 feet behind snow and ice removal equipment.

The county uses a strategic snow and ice plan to prioritize which areas receive attention first. Primary roads and arterials receive the initial efforts. “Crews work on the primary roads and arterials until they are cleared,” said Schultz. Often times crews are on these roads for the first day of the storm event, and sometimes longer when snow continues. “After the primary roads are cleared we move to secondary roads,” added Schultz. Only when both primary and secondary roads are cleared do crews move to residential streets.

The complete snow and ice control policy, along with a map that identifies primary and secondary routes, is available at You’ll also find information about the salt-brine application on the same web site.

“Crews follow the priority plowing plan and are aware that all roads need plowed during winter storm events,” according to Doug Bear, Public Works spokesperson. “Calling Public Works to say your road needs plowed won’t result in a deviation from that plan,” said Bear.

The Road Report ( offers the best way for residents to stay informed of where crews are working. The report is frequently updated during storms to let residents know when crews are working on primary routes, when they move to secondary routes, and when we move to residential streets. The Road Report also lists roads closed by inclement weather, and alerts motorists to any detours or other problems on County roads. When you sign up for The Road Report updates are sent to your email address automatically during storms.

Always use care and caution when driving in winter weather. The Washington State Patrol has put together a great guide with tips to prepare for winter weather, and tips for driving on snow and ice. You can find that information at


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