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DATE: February 23, 2009
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Kitsap Recovery Center in Jeopardy of Closing 

Port Orchard, WA — Following on the heels of the announced closure of the Secured Crisis Residential Program in the Juvenile Department that serves over 450 youth each year, the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners were informed by Personnel and Human Services Director, Bert Furuta that Kitsap Recovery Center is in jeopardy of closing. 

The Governor’s proposed 2009-2011 biennial budgets for Chemical Dependency Treatment calls for a 50% cut in funding for detoxification beds, inpatient beds and outpatient treatment services. The proposed cuts are so severe that it would threaten the County’s ability to keep the facility open and support a 24 hour – 7 days per week operations. 

Closure of the Recovery Center will result in the elimination of the only detoxification/crisis triage facility on the Kitsap/Olympic Peninsula. The Recovery Center serves over 700 residences each year. The proposed cuts will also end the intensive residential treatment program that serves over 600 individuals annually. “The Kitsap Recovery Center provides treatment opportunities to hundreds of clients each year,” said Charlotte Garrido, Kitsap County Commissioner for District #2. “These services are critical in helping our citizens address the devastating affects that drug and alcohol addiction has upon individuals, families and our communities health and safety.” she added.

The successful adult felony drug court would also feel the proposed cuts. Two thirds of the approximately 180 adult participants in judicially supervised treatment have their cases managed by counselors of the Recovery Center. Because of current and announced state budget cuts, drug court is not accepting new admissions. A strong advocate of the Drug Court Program, Commissioner Josh Brown expressed his dismay and noted that, “The felony drug court program in Kitsap County, under the leadership of Superior Court Judge Jay Roof, has performed exceptionally. It has proven that tough intervention with treatment works. The program not only provides an opportunity for hundreds of our residents to turn their lives around but results in significant cost savings to our criminal justice system and ultimately, our tax payers.”

Kitsap County is experiencing their own budget challenges and the County’s Board of Commissioners understands the difficult policy and budget decisions the State faces. The Board hopes to work with the Governor’s office and area legislators in hopes of achieving a budget reduction that is fairly proportionate to overall budget targets and preserve programs offered through the Recovery Center. Without such action the Board fears the cuts, if implemented, would overwhelm our community’s ability to sustain an effective response to the continuing challenges of methamphetamine addiction, alcohol addiction, and other substance addiction impacting the quality of life for families in Kitsap County.



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