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Date: June 29, 2009

Mary Seals
Kitsap County
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Department of Community Development Launches the use of Postcards for Legal Notice

(Port Orchard) -Kitsap County Department of Community Development will send postcard notices for projects in unincorporated Kitsap County that require public notice beginning June 29th. In mid-2008 DCD began an evaluation of the methods used to print and mail notice documents. They found that using services provided by the US Postal Service for full document mailings reduced costs. Since July 2008 over $9,400 was saved using these services. This reduced mailing costs about 52%. The majority of these mailings were letters and multi-page documents. Extending the use of these services to postcard notification increases accessibility to project information, reduces the number calls and physical visits to DCD and can provide significant cost savings.

“This is consistent with the department’s desire to improve overall client services while continuing to focus on reducing expenditures. A dedicated team worked closely with county legal experts to ensure these changes were compliant with state and county legal requirements.” said Larry Keeton, the Director for the Department of Community Development.
The postcard provides basic information for land use projects and directs recipients to more information on the web and provides direction on obtaining that information in person. Postcard notification meets County Code requirements for mail notice of applications, public hearings, and decisions to citizens for land use permit projects – e.g. subdivisions; commercial permits or permits that require SEPA review.


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