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Date: October 8, 2009
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County Clerk's office open Columbus Day

(Port Orchard, WA) – The County Clerk's office, as well as most other County offices, are open Monday, October 12th. "This is a great day for families to apply for passports," according to Alison Sonntag, Chief Deputy Clerk.

"School holidays and County holidays usually coincide so it is sometimes difficult to get the application started," said Sonntag. "With schools closed and many Federal facilities on holiday schedules it's a great opportunity to get it all done at once," she added.

If you, or your family, are making plans to travel out of the country you will need a passport. If you are applying for passports for children, remember that the child must be present and consent from both parents is required for all children under the age of 16. Applications are also available for passport cards, acceptable for ground and sea passage into and out of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Passport cards are not good when traveling by air. Passport card fees are $20, plus a $25 execution fee. Regular passports are $75 for adults (plus the $25 execution fee) and $60 for each child under 16 (plus the $25 execution fee.)

The execution fee is part of the cost of the passport and must be paid regardless of where the passport application is made. Execution fees are payable to the County Clerk. Passport fees are payable to the Department of State. All payment must be by check or money order. Each application must have a separate check for the Department of State.  Families may write one check for amounts due the County Clerk.

Each applicant must provide proof of citizenship, such as a certified copy of a birth certificate or a former passport. Children under 16 who have a former passport also need a certified birth certificate to show parental relationship. Each applicant must also provide proof of identity and two 2" x 2" color photos. Passport photos may be obtained from several locations locally. You can have passport photos taken at the Clerk’s Office. There is a $10 per person charge.

Additional information is available by calling 360-337-7164, from the Clerk’s website at or at . The latter website also provides on-line forms, which may be filled out and brought to the Clerk's office



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