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 January 25, 2010


 Douglas E. Bear, Public Communications Manager





Restrictions remain on Seabeck Highway

(Port Orchard) – Temporary restrictions remain in effect on Seabeck Highway NW at the Big Beef bridge, between NW Pioneer Road and Manley Road NW. Restrictions were placed Friday after crews discovered scouring and erosion at the abutment on the west side of the bridge. “It appears that storm flows and tidal action created scouring and erosion at and behind the abutment,” said Jon Brand, County Engineer. “Continued erosion there threatens the abutment and can affect the concrete approach slab to the bridge,” said Brand. The speed limit there has been reduced to 25 MPH and a 10,000 pound weight limit is in effect.

County engineers and construction crews surveyed the site this morning and are developing alternatives to repair the damage. An additional on-site meeting with geotechnical and structural engineers is scheduled for Monday afternoon. The County’s Board of Commissioners is expected to approve an emergency resolution at their regular meeting tonight to expedite work on the project. “The temporary restrictions remain in effect until repair work begins. To repair the damage the bridge will need to be closed under most alternatives we are considering” said Brand. Early estimates indicate the repair work will take about two weeks to complete, once a contract is awarded.

The restrictions keeps large trucks and school busses from using the bridge. Central Kitsap School District is rerouting bus traffic and is keeping students and families informed of route changes. Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue spokesperson Theresa MacLennan advised residents to consider the temporary road restrictions if emergency services are needed. “If residents are feeling ill and in need of medical assistance, do not hesitate to call immediately,” she said. “Firefighters and medical personnel are going to need additional time to reach people affected by these restrictions. The same is true of a fire emergency. Exit the home as soon as the smoke alarms sound. Don't delay in making your 9-1-1 call," said MacLennan.

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