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 February 10, 2010


 Doug Bear, Public Communications Manager





Big Beef Bridge repairs take one more week

(Port Orchard) – The repairs on the Big Beef Creek Bridge are going to take longer than originally thought, Public Works officials said today. Challenges at the work site have added about a week to the repairs, with the bridge now scheduled to open February 19th.

Quigg Brothers, Inc. began work to replace the approach on the west side January 28th, days after Public Works crews discovered damage to the bridge abutment there. Tidal flows and storm surges had caused erosion behind the abutment that supports the bridge. The repairs were expected to take two weeks to complete. “During the work some challenges were encountered that delayed completing the repairs,” according to Jon Brand, County Engineer.

The work included demolishing a single 40-ton block of concrete, then hauling it from the site. This phase of the project took longer than anticipated. The demolition work was completed February 4th. The project also required significant work below ordinary high water. Recent high tides in early February limited the time available for this type of work. The in-stream and below high water work was completed February 8th.

Work this week focuses on assembling forms for the concrete pour for the approach slab to the bridge. That pour is scheduled for this Thursday February 11th. In most concrete applications you need to cure the material for ten days. “We are working with the structural engineer and concrete supplier to add accelerating agents to the concrete which will maintain structural integrity with a shorter cure time,” said Brand. Once the approach slab cures work on the traffic barrier and asphalt paving can be completed.

While some work has taken place at night to take advantage of tidal conditions, the County elected to not engage in rock drilling, pile driving operations or major excavation work after dark. “Overnight work can be very disruptive to local residents, usually adds costs, and can create increase risks to workers,” said Brand. “ We recognize that this road closure is a major inconvenience for residents and businesses,” said Brand. “We want to complete the repairs as quickly as we can while ensuring quality workmanship and protecting public safety,” he said.
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