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 April 16, 2010


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State issues paperless boat registration renewals

(OLYMPIA ) - Owners of boats and other registered watercraft in our state are encouraged to sign up to receive annual registration renewal reminders by email because paper renewal notices are being discontinued this year.

Paper renewal notices for boats and other watercraft are being discontinued to save about $150,000 per year and to gain the environmental benefits of sending them electronically.

Signing up for email renewal reminders is fast and easy, and they provide a link to the DOL website that provides fee details and the necessary information to renew online. Renewing online can have new registration decals ordered and on their way within minutes of receiving the reminder notice.

Boat registrations also can be renewed in person, but the owner should make sure to note the registration number on the bow of the boat or watercraft and take that information to a neighborhood vehicle licensing office. 

"Email renewal reminders are fast, inexpensive and have tremendous environmental benefits," DOL Director Liz Luce said. 

The current owners of Washington's 286,597 boats and watercraft will receive a postcard this year only letting them know that paper renewal notices are being discontinued and offering the email alternative.

Unlike vehicle registrations, boat and watercraft registrations all expire on the same day every year-June 30. In addition to sending email renewal notices for boats each year, DOL will send an annual press release to help remind owners to renew their boat registrations and post reminders on the agency's website, blog and Facebook page.

DOL also offers email renewal reminders for cars and trucks, but paper renewal notices for those will continue to be sent unless owners choose to receive an email reminder. DOL hopes individuals signing up to receive an email renewal reminder for their boat also will take a moment and sign up to receive reminders for their vehicles. 

"These cost savings are immediate and substantial," Luce said. "Every time we send a boat or vehicle owner an email renewal notice instead of paper, the state saves 55 cents." 

Boat owners can sign up for email renewal notices through the agency's website at, when renewing their boat online or at their neighborhood vehicle licensing office.


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