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 April 29, 2010


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DCD revises 2010 Fee Schedule

(Port Orchard, WA) - Kitsap County’s Department of Community Development (DCD) announces quarterly revision to the 2010 Fee Schedule. The main purpose of this revision is to clarify language in the current DCD Fee schedule.

Also, beginning May 1, 2010, Community Development (DCD) will begin implementing the fee policy established in December, 2008 with
Resolution 014-2008, and amended April 2010 with Resolution 086-2010, which provides that fees are set using base hours, and review/processing
time exceeding the base hours by more than 15% will be billed. For those application types, base hours have been published in this revised schedule. The policy also allows for a credit/refund if review/processing time is less than established base hours by more than 15%.

Lastly, Kitsap County Health District Fees will no longer be published within the DCD Fee schedule. Health District fees are still applicable and are available on the Health District website. A link to that site is here.

Additional Information:

DCD Fee Schedule (effective 5/1/10)


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