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Date: July 29, 2010
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Soak it in, Let it Bloom: Rain Garden Cost-Share Program

(Port Orchard, WA) - The Kitsap Conservation District (KCD) Rain Garden Cost-Share Program is well underway with over 50 property owners participating. These residents in unincorporated Kitsap have received technical assistance visits from specially trained Conservation District staff or WSU Master Gardeners. Once their garden is designed and installed, they are eligible for a rebate of ½ the cost of the garden, up to $500. Property owners may install the garden themselves or hire a contractor. “Rain gardens are one way to slow down water from rain storms and reduce the damage of high energy storm flows”, states Joy Garitone, District Coordinator of the Kitsap Conservation District, “the goal of ‘slow-water’ allows time for the gardens’ infiltration to clean the water by removing pollutants from the driveway and lawns.”

Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management (SSWM) decided to share the investment of encouraging residents to soak runoff into the ground and provides the cost share funds to the KCD. Mindy Fohn, Water Quality Manager at SSWM says, “In 2009 we held pilot workshops and asked folks what they thought. They clearly told us that a rain garden is not simple to install, and could be a little spendy. We heard them and partnered with WSU and KCD to provide field assistance and some share in the cost.”

Additional Information:
Fall is the perfect time to install a rain garden. KCD has set the target for 2010 to provide assistance to 100 residential properties. There are several sites where homeowners can see new and established rain gardens:

  • Kitsap Conservation District 10332 Central Valley Rd, Poulsbo
  • RoadHouse Nursery 12511 Central Valley Road NW, Poulsbo
  • Stillwaters Environmental Center 26059 Barber Cut Off Road, Kingston
  • Illahee Preserve 3200 NE Riddell Road, Bremerton
  • Home Builders Association 5251 Auto Center Way
  • Breidablik Elementary School 25142 Waghorn Road NW, Poulsbo

For more information about rain gardens:
Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Homeowners

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Rain Gardens for Kitsap County

 Raingarden at Roadhouse Nursery

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