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Project Green Sweep: Street sweeping for a healthy Sound

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Port Orchard, WA)- Kitsap County’s roads, air and water will be a lot cleaner thanks to a new street sweeping program. The Department of Public Works purchased two new, high-efficiency street sweepers that remove significantly more pollution from roadways than older sweepers. The new sweepers pick up everything from large debris to fine dust. Most roadway pollutants, (metals, hydrocarbons, etc) attach to these fine particles. Sweeping up these pollutants before they enter our waterways is one of the most effective source-control measures we have.

The new sweepers remove far more pollutants than traditional broom sweepers. They also have exhaust filters that ensure air quality is protected during operation. Combining street sweeping and water quality enhancement in this program not only improves the overall appearance of county roads but also reduce the amount of pollution that enters Puget Sound. The County’s new water quality street-sweeping program is the first line of defense to protect Kitsap streams, wetlands, lakes, and nearshore waters from the potential harmful effects of road runoff.

“This water quality street-sweeping program is part of a comprehensive effort to reduce pollution from roads and other impervious surfaces,” says Chris May, Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management Program Director. “These high-efficiency street sweepers remove pollution near its source, resulting in cleaner runoff and improved water quality. This type of program is a proven and cost-effective approach to keeping both the roads and water clean.”

Don Schultz, Kitsap County Road Superintendent added “The new sweepers focus on high-traffic roads throughout the county. The sweeper routes include shoreline roads and roads with multiple stream-crossings where road runoff and pollution can flow into sensitive waters. All designated water quality street-sweeping routes are swept at least once per month,”
Schultz added.

What are the benefits of street sweeping?
Street sweepers remove pollutants near their source and improve the quality of stormwater runoff and help keep waterways healthy. Street sweeping benefits include:

  • Prevents pollution from entering streams and stormwater systems along roads

  • Creates cleaner and safer roads by removing more roadside dust and debris

  • Improves air quality through using a filtered sweeper exhaust

It’s also more cost-effective to remove pollutants on the road before they enter the stormwater system or natural waters

You can find more information about this and other programs designed to help protect water quality and the Surface and Stormwater Management web site


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