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County Commissioners Honor Students for
America Recycles Day Posters

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(Port Orchard, WA) – At their regular televised meeting on November 8, the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners will honor local students who won the annual America Recycles Day poster contest.

November 15 is the 13th annual America Recycles Day celebration which focuses public attention on the social, economic, and environmental benefits of recycling. The theme is, “It All Comes Back to You”, to emphasize that to close the recycling loop you must buy products made from the items you've recycled.

This year, ten winning posters will be published, two each Friday, for five consecutive weeks beginning November 12th in the “What’s Up Kitsap” section in each of the community newspapers in Kitsap County. All entries are also posted on the county website at

According to Vicki Bushnell, Education and Communications Coordinator for the Solid Waste Division, the poster contest has been held for 13 years. “That means students who saw a classroom presentation in the 1st grade in those early days are now out of high school and making purchasing and other decisions on their own. We now have a generation coming into their own right who has grown up recycling.”

Bushnell adds, “Kitsap kids are not only great artists but great thinkers, as shown by the environmental solutions they come up with during classroom exercises. Typically the solutions start out with broad ideas like ‘shoot the garbage to the moon when we run out of room‘ and end up with concerns about jet fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.”

"We're always impressed when we see posters depicting the solid waste management system here in Kitsap County and drawings of products made from items the kids recycle at home and school. A strong theme in the artwork every year is kids and families joining hands for the environment - and that's very positive.”

This year’s winners are:

  • Owen Wyatt, Crosspoint Academy, 1st grade
  • Ann Cabacungan, Hidden Creek Elementary, 2nd grade
  • Abby Rogers, Sylvan Way Christian, 3rd grade
  • Alexandra Brent, Peace Lutheran School, 3rd grade
  • Kristina Aucoin, Peach Lutheran School, 3rd grade
  • Isabel Iral, Crosspoint Academy, 4th grade
  • Thomas Bailey, Burley-Glenwood Elem,. 4th grade
  • Yue Yue Gunderson, Manchester Elementary, 5th grade
  • Patricia Dunlap, Esquire Hills Elementary, 5th grade
  • Olivia Wilhite, Crosspoint Academy, 6th grade


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