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 March 31, 2011


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Safety is a priority for road improvements in Kitsap County
Recent grant provides for several safety improvements
on County roads

(Port Orchard, WA) Safety should improve in Kitsap County as a result of a federal safety grant awarded to Kitsap County Public Works. “The grant funds allowed us to target several safety enhancements, and augment the local funds dedicated to safety improvements,” said Josh Brown, County Commissioner District #3. “Safety is a priority in all phases of roads–engineering, construction, maintenance and enhancement,” Brown added.
The County programs safety improvements and road projects through an annual Traffic Improvement Plan (TIP). The TIP looks at projects identified by residents and County planning staff and evaluate the projects to determine which get done. “Roads are an integral part of our infrastructure, and it’s critical to ensure that the limited funds get spent where the impact is greatest,” added Brown.

The TIP process evaluates several characteristics of the proposed projects and assigns scores based on established criteria. Projects are then rated in a six-year priority plan, with specific projects called out for funding the following year. The process ends each year when the County’s Board of Commissioners approves the TIP, usually in early December. More information about the TIP is available here.

The safety grant provided funding to help implement several projects which are listed below:

  • Improve lighting at high collision intersections and curves

  • Upgrade warning signs on high collision corridors

  • Acquire and install speed radar signs for corridors with
    high collision rates

  • Survey and remediate clear zone obstacles

  • Installing recessed pavement markers

The grant supplements an already aggressive safety program for County Roads. “We always look for opportunities to improve safety,” said Jeff Shea, Traffic Engineer. The County’s annual road budget includes several safety enhancements. Recent improvements included revising sign configurations; installing warning lights and high-collision intersections; upgrading technology for flashing lights; acquiring and placing portable neighborhood radar speed limit signs; and a regular program for new and upgraded guardrail installation. “Effectively leveraging budget to improve safety is always a challenge, and we always look for grants or other funding to extend our efforts,” Shea added.

More information about the County’s Road Department can be found here.



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