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 April 25, 2011


Solid Waste Division Earth Day Awards
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Surface and Stormwater Program Clean Water Partner Awards
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Kitsap County Announces Earth Day and Clean Water Partner Award Winners

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(Port Orchard, WA) The annual Earth Day Awards presentation will take place at 7 pm on April 25th at the Board of County Commissioners regular televised meeting at the Kitsap County Administration Building in Port Orchard. There will be a reception immediately following the presentation in the Administration Building’s main lobby. The press is invited to meet this year’s award winners.

Solid Waste Division-2011 Earth Day Awards
The 2011 Earth Day awards are presented to individual citizens, organizations, schools, and businesses for their innovative environmental programs or projects. Nominations were sought for exemplary environmental leadership qualities in programs or projects emphasizing hazardous waste management, environmental leadership, recycling, and environmental education.
The awards selection committee chose the following outstanding achievers, who make a difference with their choices and lead the way as they make others aware of environmental issues.

Best Hazardous Waste Program: Naval Hospital Bremerton Facilities Management, Environmental Division
Three significant programs having direct impacts on the environment and Kitsap County have been developed by the Naval Hospital Bremerton Facilities Management Department, Environmental Division. The pharmaceutical waste program has more than doubled its effective waste capturing efforts. The energy conservation program is a cost-savings measure and required extensive investigation and review of processes. The mercury reduction program reduced human risk and environmental impacts. The energy conservation and mercury reduction programs are both being nationally recognized for their scope and impact. Cooperation and commitment was required throughout the active military, civilian, reserve, and Department of Defense contractors. Education about the programs was highlighted in local publications, through the public affairs office, and at public events. Their initiatives have promoted environmental stewardship throughout the region. These accomplishments are in addition to their comprehensive waste reduction and recycling program.

Excellence in Environmental Leadership: Group Health Cooperative
Providing an environmentally sound management option for expired medications, where few others currently exist, Group Health Cooperative maintains a medicine take-back program at all of its Kitsap County pharmacies. Group Health has stepped up to the plate to fill this need while a product stewardship take-back program is under consideration. Because of these efforts, fewer medicines make their way into wastewater treatment systems and Puget Sound, or are disposed of as trash, where they could dissolve in a landfill’s leachate. Old medicines are also endangering our children through accidental poisoning and abuse. Through Group Health’s excellent partnership between facilities, clinical operations, and pharmacies, their efforts have safely destroyed over 50,000 pounds of unwanted medications.

Excellence in Recycling: All Shred/Peninsula Services
All Shred is Kitsap County's only local secure document destruction company, providing numerous business and organizations with data security compliance services. All Shred is also part of E-Cycle Washington, providing free disposal of end-of-life computers, TV's, monitors, and laptops. A division of Peninsula Services, who trains and employs individuals with disabilities, they are not only an environmentally important business in the community, but provide meaningful work to individuals that otherwise may not have employment. By recycling shredded paper and old electronics, they have saved over 2,000 trees and 500,000 pounds of E-waste. All Shred also routinely speaks to schools, chambers of commerce and civic clubs on the importance of recycling responsibly.

Partners in Environmental Education: Olympic College Student Program and Leadership Development
RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for colleges and universities to promote waste reduction activities. Over a 10-week period, the Olympic College Bremerton, Poulsbo, and Shelton campuses completed their first year in the competition. The event coordinators were a team of student organizers: members of the student run Environmental Club, the Sustainability Advisory Council and the Student Programs and Leadership Development staff. Students designed and distributed marketing materials, and presented prizes and awards to the students caught “recycling it right”. Placing 18th out of 140 participants, students generated 18.69 pounds of recyclables per person, and had a weekly recycling rate of 34.52%. Kim McNamara, the Dean of Student Development said, "RecycleMania is a great way for students to help inspire and motivate others to recycle. This competition makes it fun for all our students to learn about recycling and nurture the spirit of community volunteerism".

Waste Wi$e Kitsap: Kitsap County Auditor’s Office
The Waste Wi$e Kitsap award is given to an individual, department or a committee for exemplary in-house waste reduction and recycling efforts. Working together with Information Services and the Commissioner’s staff, the Auditor’s Office has achieved paper reduction goals through the use of electronic timecards, leave requests and paystubs. As they continue their efforts, electronic signatures and filing of Commissioner’s minutes, ordinances, resolutions an
contracts will be added to the list. Also, research is being done on electronic vouchers, invoices, and payroll registers. They were one of the first departments to reserve disk space by utilizing Sharepoint. Auditor Walt Washington, department Waste Wi$e Coordinator Anna Wilderbuer, and the entire staff have and will continue to set the bar for preserving resources and preventing waste in Kitsap County.

Surface and Stormwater Management Program-2011 Clean Water Partner Awards
The Kitsap County Clean Water Partner Awards are given to Kitsap citizens, community groups and businesses that have partnered with the Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management Program to improve local water quality. The agencies funded through the program are Kitsap County Public Works, Kitsap County Health District, Kitsap Conservation District, WSU Extension Kitsap, and Kitsap County Department of Community Development. Each agency has chosen a recipient based on their participation and cooperation with that agency’s responsibilities in relation to water quality.

Business Stormwater Management: Roadhouse Nursery
This award recognizes the owner or operator of a business in unincorporated Kitsap County for implementing and/or supporting innovative practices resulting in clean runoff.

This year’s recipients are Jan and George Bahr from Roadhouse Nursery in Poulsbo. Over the past several years, rain gardens have become a more accepted option for dealing with stormwater runoff. Rain gardens give us the ability to mimic nature by treating stormwater and putting it back in the ground. Jan and George were at the forefront of rain garden installation, creating one at Roadhouse Nursery even before local incentive programs began. They have been an invaluable resource to the Kitsap Conservation District, WSU Kitsap Extension, the county and local cities in encouraging the installation of rain gardens. They have worked to track down appropriate plants for the rain gardens and have devoted much time to education of citizens.

Residential Property Stormwater, WSU and KCD: Frog Farm
Kitsap Conservation District and WSU Extension Kitsap recognize a citizen or group of citizens in unincorporated Kitsap County for excellence and/or innovation in managing private property stormwater for the public good.

Kristine Strand owns Frog Farm in Poulsbo. Concerned about the effect farm runoff might have on Dog Fish Creek, she installed a rain garden near her barn and horse paddock. The rain garden collects runoff from almost 1,000 square feet of impervious surface from the barn and paddock area, helping to improve the quality of runoff entering Dogfish Creek and eventually Liberty Bay. The rain garden not only serves as a functional stormwater runoff feature, but is also a wonderful addition to the farm landscape. The Kitsap Conservation District and WSU Extension Kitsap would like to recognize Kristine Strand of Frog Farm in Poulsbo.

Septic System Repair: Nathan Cleaver Septic Design, Inc.
Kitsap County Health District recognizes an individual or business that exemplifies the responsibility and the commitment to protecting public and environmental health of Kitsap County surface and ground waters from contamination by failing septic systems.

This year’s recipient is Nathan Cleaver from Nathan Cleaver Septic Design, Inc,. Nathan is a local onsite sewage system designer and installer. Last year, Health District staff identified a failing septic system on a property very close to Dogfish Creek. The homeowner was willing and interested in making repairs, but financing the repairs was a real challenge. Nathan stepped up and essentially donated both the time and the materials necessary to install a new onsite sewage system. Without his assistance, the owner would not have been able to complete the repair and the water quality of Dogfish Creek would have continued to be impacted.

Agriculture, KCD: Aspen Falls Farm
The award from Kitsap Conservation District is given to the owner of a farm in unincorporated Kitsap County which demonstrates excellence in land conservation and sustainable farming.
William and Kathleen Urban own and manage Aspen Falls Farm, 64 acres off Hansville Road near Kingston. Grover’s Creek, a salmon stream, and an associated tributary flow through the property. Approximately 25 acres is used for agricultural purposes, and the remainder is used for forestry and wildlife. They raise Tennessee Walker horses and have been implementing their 2008 Farm Conservation Plan to meet forage needs of livestock, protect fish and wildlife habitat, and protect water quality.

Among the many planned practices they have implemented, the Urbans have installed fencing to exclude livestock from streams and ponds and to accommodate rotational grazing of pastures; confined animals to dry, upland areas and buildings during the rainy season to protect pastures; stored and composted manure to minimize impact on water quality; tested the soil and applied manure to fields for fertilizer; and have removed invasive vegetation and planted native trees and shrubs for a stream buffer.

William and Kathleen have an exemplary conservation ethic and have conscientiously used their own funds to implement their plan. The Kitsap Conservation District has selected William and Kathleen Urban for the Clean Water Partner Award for Agriculture for 2011.



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