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County Surpasses Million Pounds in Recycled Electronics

(Port Orchard, WA) - Kitsap County surpassed the million pound mark for 2011 – in electronics recycling, that is.

As of the end of September Kitsap County residents, schools, and small businesses have recycled 1.1 million pounds of computers, monitors, and televisions through the E-Cycle Washington Program in 2011. Kitsap County currently ranks 6th of the 39 Washington Counties in pounds of electronics collected through the program.

“It’s great to see that folks in Kitsap County are utilizing this program, and with consistency” said Kitsap County Recycling Coordinator, Chris Piercy, referring to the fact that in 2009, E-Cycle Washington locations in Kitsap County collected over 1.7 million pounds of electronic waste – or “e-waste”, and followed that up in 2010 with an additional 1.5 million pounds. If the pace continues, Kitsap County is on track for a similar figure this year.

“This is a testament to how much of this stuff is actually out there,” Piercy noted. “The switch to digital television broadcasts and the ever-evolving technology in personal computing has folks racing for the latest and greatest, but something needs to be done with the relic they are replacing. The E-Cycle Washington Program was established in 2009, and provides free and responsible recycling of unwanted televisions, computers, and monitors to Washington residents, small businesses, schools, small government institutions, charities, and special purpose districts. Since the program’s launch, nearly 109 million pounds of electronics have been collected statewide, preventing a variety of harmful chemicals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury from being landfilled or introduced into the environment. The program is entirely funded by the electronics industry.

Each of the locations in the E-Cycle Washington program are committed to making sure the components are not turning up as pollution somewhere else. “It truly offers a way to dispose of electronics responsibly, and even better – There is no cost to the public for disposal! “ commented Piercy.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg, though. Electronics are just one of many hard-to-recycle or hazardous wastes that can be addressed through similar programs. According to Piercy, product stewardship – also known as extended producer responsibility – is the next frontier for the waste and recycling industry. Last year, bills were introduced in the Washington State Legislature to establish similar industry-funded programs for carpet, medication, and residential sharps. “Those bills didn’t make it through the legislature last year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of them
re-emerge this year,” Piercy said.

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