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Date: March 15, 2013

Chris May
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No: 2013-020

Local Communities Working for a Clean Liberty Bay Watershed

(Port Orchard) - Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management (SSWM), Kitsap Public Health District (KPHD), Kitsap Conservation District and the City of Poulsbo have worked with property owners and residents in the Liberty Bay watershed since 1999 to improve water quality -specifically fecal pollution. The streams and bay have been sampled since 1996, and monthly data has shown dramatic improvements in water quality. Beginning in 2010, Liberty Bay met the standard for the first time since 1996.

These water quality improvements have not gone unnoticed. Recently, the Washington State Department of Health accepted a shellfish harvest upgrade request from the Suquamish Tribe. A harvest upgrade request is a lengthy process that can take up to three years. Kitsap County SSWM is providing funding to KPHD to assist the State in collecting water quality samples that will provide information, in addition to shoreline survey information, to complete the upgrade request by 2016.

Numerous projects implemented since 1996 to the present have succeeded in finding and eliminating fecal pollution sources implemented by Kitsap County SSWM, City of Poulsbo, KPHD, Kitsap Conservation District, Washington State Department of Transportation and the U.S. Navy. Pollution problems from failing septic systems, untreated stormwater runoff, poor livestock manure management, leaky sewer systems and pet waste have been reduced by actions such as septic repairs, construction of green stormwater solutions, livestock waste storage structure construction, livestock fencing, and fixing sewer connections accidentally connected to the stormwater system.

“Kitsap County, as well as the City of Poulsbo and all of our partners, place a premium on clean water and work with citizens to achieve the goal of a healthy watershed for people, fish and shellfish,” says Chris May, Senior Program Manager.

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