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Date: April 1, 2013

Jim Rogers
Public Works, Roads and Transportation Division or 360-337-4891

No: 2013-029

County seeks road project ideas
Now’s the time to pitch your road project idea to the County

(Port Orchard, WA) - Kitsap County is asking for road project ideas and suggestions to be included in the 6-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Each year Kitsap County Public Works completes a transportation project selection process. This year’s process determines which new roadway projects will be selected to be included in the 2014 – 2019 TIP.

Projects are scored and ranked using objective criteria. The criteria include safety and/or capacity needs, structural condition, environmental retrofits, and non-motorized needs. Projects are selected based on the availability and timing of funding, especially for State and Federally funded programs. The project selection process and TIP update happens only once each year. If you have a suggestion for a project, now is the time to speak up. Suggestions for this year’s TIP update are accepted through May 17th.

Submit an idea online at:

Complete information about the process, and descriptions of the type of projects considered, are also available at:

Call Kitsap One (360-337-5777) if you have questions.


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