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Date: May 7, 2013

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County to County Courthouse Energy Conservation Challenge

(Port Orchard, WA) - Kitsap County and Pierce County are participating in a Courthouse Energy Conservation Challenge this spring to see which courthouse can conserve the most energy over a month long period. The goal of this innovative challenge is to increase awareness of county energy conservation programs, plans and policies amongst both employees and the public.

The challenge will promote simple, no-cost conservation actions that employees can take at work, such as keeping windows closed, turning off computer equipment at night, and conducting work station energy audits. Energy use will be evaluated for the month of May and the county with the greatest percentage reduction in energy use in 2013 compared to 2012 will be crowned the winner.

“This challenge is a great way to educate employees and the public about simple conservation practices,” says Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido. “We are always working to increase the sustainability of County operations and know that the actions our employees take can make a big difference when it comes to energy use and costs.”

Both Kitsap County and Pierce County participate in Puget Sound Energy’s Resource Conservation Manager Program and have set goals to reduce energy use at their facilities. Kitsap County set a goal to reduce energy use at County facilities by 30% by 2020 and has reduced by 11% through the end of 2012. These efforts generated over $373,000 in energy savings since 2009.

The Board of County Commissioners adopted an Energy Efficiency & Conservation Plan ( in October 2011 that identifies over 90 specific actions that employees can take to help reduce energy use, save taxpayer dollars, and improve the efficiency of County operations. Kitsap County’s citizen and staff Energy Conservation Advisory Committee is working with all departments to implement the recommendations outlined in the Energy Plan. .


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