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County announces selection for new Chief Administrative Officer

(Kitsap County, WA) – Kitsap County announced today that Glenn Olson , former Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Clark County in Vancouver, Washington, has been appointed as the new Chief Administrative Officer. Olson has more than 30 years of experience in public administration including , budget and policy development, budget forecasting, implementing “Lean” processes, Human Resources and Labor Relations strategy, and reconfiguration of Information Technology Services delivery.

Olson was initially hired by Clark County in 1997 as the Budget Director and eventually transitioned into the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer over Internal Services. He also served as a Senior Executive Policy and Forecast Coordinator for the Washington State Office of Financial Management for more than 14 years. Olson holds a Bachelor’s and a Master's degree in Sociology and Demography from Western Washington University.

As the new Chief Administrative Officer, Olson will be working closely with IS Director Bud Harris, Administrative Services Director Amber D’Amato, Human Resources Manager Penny Starkey and Labor Relations Manager Susan Smith. He will provide leadership, direction and supervision over all Internal Services. He will be responsible for coordinating administrative functions such as organizational development, process improvement, strategic planning and budget on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners.

“I have long admired Glenn’s ability and intellect. Kitsap County will benefit enormously from his addition to our organization” said Josh Brown, Chair of the Kitsap County Board of County Commissioners.

Commissioner Charlotte Garrido said "Glenn is uniquely qualified to help the Board, and Kitsap County, strategically address our diverse administrative functions on behalf of Kitsap residents." Commissioner Rob Gelder also commented ”Glenn brings a wealth of expertise to this role and I look forward to working with him on how to move the county forward on process improvements and efficient operations.”

Olson has been very involved in the Washington State Association of Counties (WASAC) over the years. Eric Johnson, Executive Director for WASAC said “Kitsap County is gaining one of the most talented, knowledgeable and dedicated county administrators in Washington State. I have had the opportunity to work with Glenn in a variety of capacities over the past 15 years and his expertise in finance, pension policy, and county administration is unsurpassed. The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners could not have selected a more competent, ethical, and professional administrator than Glenn Olson. I look forward to continuing to work with Glenn in his new capacity with Kitsap County.”

About Glenn Olson
"The opportunity to serve in this wonderful community is just too good to pass up," said Glenn Olson the newly appointed Chief Administrative Officer for Kitsap County. "Kitsap County is a gem. I am thrilled and honored to be here," Olson added.

Listed below is a quick summary of his projects and positions with the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC):

Budget Training
For years Glenn has trained the newly elected commissioners from every county on budget issues as a part of their orientations through WSAC. Glenn travels to counties to provide individual budget training for commissioners, other elected officials, and senior appointed officials. He also travels to individual counties ranging from Pend Oreille to King to trouble shoot various budget problems. He conducts training on budgets at annual conferences for both WSAC and AWC (the Association of Washington Cities). He also conducts other training (pensions, finance, forecasting, organizational, etc.) for WSAC at these events.

State Work
Glenn has been a gubernatorial appointee and fiduciary for the Select Committee for Pension Policy (SPCC) and the Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Plan 2 (LEOFF 2) Retirement Board since these committees' inceptions. These committees govern all the pension plans for state and local civil servants in Washington State. Washington's retirement plans have been ranked as the best managed in the nation.

Glenn also served for Governor Locke as the Chair of the Board for the Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF), a program pioneered in Washington that makes low interest loans to local governments for infrastructure projects, such as roads, sewers, and water systems. The PWTF manages more than a billion dollar portfolio of loans, all of which return to the state to be loaned again. This program has been so successful the World Bank asked PWTF Board to present to them in Washington D.C., hoping to apply this model in developing nations around the world.

Other Achievements
Glenn is the past president of Washington County Administrators Association (a WSAC affiliate). Currently, he is heading up a project for WSAC to consolidate data from many state sources into a single system, so that counties may present a complete and comprehensive picture of their revenues, expenditures, and performance to the legislature, and to citizens. This is important because counties constitutionally are an arm of state government; in effect they are the largest department in the State. Yet, to date counties cannot easily produce even the most basic information that the smallest department in the state routinely produces for the legislature and citizens.


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