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Date: September 16, 2013

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Village Greens Golf Course winter closure announced

(Port Orchard) - Due to budget constraints, a difficult decision has been reached in order to balance the Parks Department budgets for 2013 and 2014. The Village Greens Golf Course will close during November, December, January, and February. The last day open for 2013 is November 3rd. The course will re-open mid-March, 2014. This decision to close was difficult. Several factors were considered in reaching this decision.

"During the winter months the golf course generates extremely low revenue," according to Jim Dunwiddie, Parks Director for Kitsap County. "The ongoing cost of staffing the golf shop and course maintenance as well as the winter utility costs greatly exceed the revenue generated through keeping the course open."

Billie Schmidt, Operations Superintendent, thanks those who enjoyed using the course this season, and invites other players to continue to come out and play this fall and next season. Schmidt added the “golfers have noticed that our dedicated team has put the green back into Village Greens.”

In addition to closing during winter, the course will also close on Mondays and Tuesdays. "These are the days with the lightest use at Village Greens," Dunwiddie added. Current permanent staff working at the golf shop will be laid off. This move better aligns revenues with expenditures and assures a future for the facility. Current annual members will be given a partial refund.

The Village Greens Golf Course has operated as a financially, self-sufficient facility since the County regained management in 2009. The course has operated as “taxpayer neutral” since that time. Revenue from the course needs to offset the operating and maintenance needed to run the facility. "The County’s General Fund is not a source of funds to subsidize the operation which results in these difficult decisions to reduce operational expenses," according to Dunwiddie.

Information about Village Greens Golf Course is available online at Information about the Kitsap County Parks Department is available online at

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