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Date: March 21, 2014
Contact: Jeff Shea, Traffic Engineer
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No: 2014-025

County considers closing Little Valley Road to through traffic

(Port Orchard, WA)  Kitsap County Public Works plans to close Little Valley Road at the intersection with State Route 307. “Little Valley Road is a residential road that was designed for local access,” according to Jeff Shea, Traffic Engineer for Public Works. “With only a couple of homes adjacent to the road we would expect about 30 to 50 vehicle trips per day on that road,” Shea added.

Traffic counts indicate the road is currently being used for almost 1,000 trips per day. “The road was not built to support that volume of traffic,” according to Shea. The road does not meet road standards for that amount of traffic because of inadequate lane width, lack of shoulder, sharp curves, limited sight distance, and a steep grade. Bringing the road up to current road standards to handle that traffic volume is cost-prohibitive. Several collisions have been reported on the road and we have received several complaints about the roads inadequate design,” said Shea. The Washington State Department of Transportation supports this action due to the geometrics and collision history at the intersection with the state route.

Prior to reaching the decision to close the road, Public Works recently completed a comprehensive study of the roadway. The study is available online here. “We want people to review the study and are interested in comments about this planned action. You can comment here, or send them by email to Comments are accepted through April 18.

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Last Updated:  May 27, 2014