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Date: June 4, 2014
Contact: Colleen Miko, Washington State University Kitsap County Extension
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No: 2014-065

Ask a WSU Kitsap Master Gardener at Kitsap’s Farmers Markets

(Bremerton, WA) – WSU Kitsap Master Gardeners will be available at five Kitsap County farmers’ markets this summer to answer your questions about plants, pests, and sustainable gardening. Master Gardener volunteers are trained by the Washington State University (WSU) Kitsap County Extension, and you can learn about natural yard care by visiting their information booth at the farmers’ market.

Master Gardeners can provide tips and techniques on growing backyard fruits and vegetables and selecting the right plant for the right place. They can help identify weeds, diagnose problems and suggest appropriate plants for our climate. They also have information on hand about rain gardens, the best native plants for home landscapes and other gardening techniques that can help protect streams and Puget Sound from pollution that comes from our homes and gardens.

“Master Gardeners are trained to find the most up to date information on growing fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants based upon University research,” says Colleen Miko, WSU’s horticulture educator. “They can help people decide on the right plants for their home, and provide advice on how to take care of them. One of the most popular free booklets that Master Gardeners give out is one called “Natural Yard Care” and it has all the latest information on making your home garden a sustainable one, including how to tend a lawn with the least impact to our water resources.” If you have a gardening question, ask a Master Gardener. Besides the five farmer’s markets where you can find the WSU Kitsap Master Gardener diagnostic clinics, you can email your questions to

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Information about the WSU Kitsap Master Gardener Program and how to become a Master Gardener:


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Last Updated:  June 04, 2014