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Date: June 26, 2014
Contact: Christina Kereki, Environmental Planner, Department of Community Development
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No: 2014-072

County partners with private property owner to remove old bulkhead and restore beach
US EPA Grant helps return Dyes Inlet shoreline to more natural state

(Port Orchard, WA) –  A beach restoration project to remove a 400-foot long, creosote-timber bulkhead along a private shoreline on the east shore of Dyes Inlet, north of Anna Smith Children’s Park, begins Monday June 30. Kitsap County’s Department of Community Development has worked collaboratively with the landowner on the restoration design and permitting of this voluntary-based project over the last two years. The project includes removal of the bulkhead, installation of logs, and re-contouring of a small part of the bluff. Funding for this project comes from an EPA grant and a 10% cost-share from the landowner.

“The shorelines of Kitsap County are among our most important natural assets,” according to Commissioner Linda Streissguth. “We welcome this opportunity to remove an old bulkhead and restore the beach with cooperation from a private property owner. It is these kinds of partnerships that mutually benefit shoreline property owners and shoreline habitat.”

The bulkhead removal project is part of a larger Kitsap Regional Shoreline Restoration Project funded by the EPA Watershed Assistance Program. Bulkheads can prevent natural sediment input to beaches, and can impact salmon feeding areas and forage fish spawning grounds.

The project studied all Kitsap County shorelines and identified the project site as an important area for sediment input to beaches. The project serves to demonstrate to other private landowners how ‘softer alternatives’ to bulkheads, such as re-vegetation, re-sloping, and large wood installation can be used for shore protection and improve habitat.

Construction should take about two weeks. Sealevel Bulkhead Builders was awarded the construction contract..


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Last Updated:  June 26, 2014