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Date: September 19, 2014
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No: 2014-102

Changes coming to County's drop-off recycling program

(Bremerton, WA)   Effective October 1, 2014, glass will be collected separate from mixed recyclables at County operated Recycling and Garbage Facilities (RAGFs) in Hansville, Olalla, Silverdale, and the Poulsbo Recycle Center. Customers are advised to arrive at the Facilities with glass separated from their recycling loads to expedite the process and avoid excessive sorting at the Facilities.

In October, 2013, the County began a pilot recycling program at all RAGFs and the Poulsbo Recycle Center. Cardboard and scrap metal have been collected separately through the pilot phase, but all other commodities (plastic, aluminum cans, steel cans, cartons, paper, and glass) have been collected in the same container. Upon further examination of commodity values and material interaction over the pilot period, it has been determined that commingling glass in the mix greatly devalues it, and this is not a sustainable collection model.

In commingled recyclables, glass can pose contamination issues with other commodities, and is difficult to sort out of the mix in an economical fashion. Glass is often broken during transportation to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) or sorting facility, and embeds itself in paper products and winds up inside other containers in the mix. This poses processing challenges to the end-users of the paper, plastic, and aluminum, who remanufacture the materials into new products.

County staff is very involved with a statewide effort to examine how materials interact in the system and how a MRF processes the materials. We are constantly analyzing the materials collected in the commingled recycling stream to ensure highest and best use, and to ensure the mix fits into consumer pricing criteria. The County will continue to monitor commodity pricing and commingled interactions in residential, commercial, multifamily, and drop-off recycling, while being mindful of end uses and customer pricing. Recommendations for other program changes may result from the analysis.

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Last Updated:  September 19, 2014