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Date: February 17, 2015
Contact: Chris May, Senior Program Manager
Stormwater Division, 360-337-5777
No: 2015-012

Kitsap County awarded water quality improvement grants

(Port Orchard, WA) - Kitsap County Public Works, Stormwater Division received full or partial funding totaling $4.5 million for five stormwater retrofit construction projects and one stream restoration project:

  • Duwe’iq Silverdale Stormwater Treatment Wetland

  • Ridgetop Boulevard Green Street Phase II

  • Silverdale Regional Stormwater Facility

  • Bayshore Drive and Washington (Old Town Silverdale) Tree Box Filters

  • Keyport Green Street

  • Dickerson and Chico Creek Floodplain Restoration Phase II

“Our team worked hard with local communities to identify the locations in most need of improved stormwater facilities. It’s a good mix of projects including simple tree box filters, community roadside rain gardens, a regional storm pond, and helping salmon access good quality stream habitat,” says Chris May, Senior Program Manager, “we appreciate the high priority Ecology has placed on helping us with our stormwater problems. With grant funds we are able to stretch our Clean Water Kitsap funds and construct these projects sooner than later.”

The Washington State Department of Ecology’s (Ecology) Water Quality Program announced the availability of the State Fiscal Year 2016 (SFY16) Draft Funding Offer List. The Draft List describes how Ecology proposes to use state and federal dollars to fund projects focused on improving water quality across the state.

This year, Ecology received 227 applications requesting more than $352 million in financial assistance. Ecology is proposing grant and loan funding for 165 projects totaling approximately $229 million. Approximately $63.2 million in grants is dedicated to projects from the Stormwater Financial Assistance Program to fund efforts that upgrade inadequate drainage systems removing pollution and reducing erosion. The projects proposed for funding reflect the highest priority water quality projects across the state.

Learn more about these projects: Duwe’iq Stormwater Treatment Wetland, Keyport Green Street and the Dickerson/Chico Creek Floodplain Restoration. Visit

What is Clean Water Kitsap?
Stormwater Management fees from Unincorporated Kitsap County fund a unique multi-agency program lead by Kitsap County Public Works. Partners are Kitsap Public Health District, Kitsap Conservation District and WSU Kitsap Extension. We work to prevent pollution, reduce flooding and restore fish habitat. Join us to clean up stormwater visit

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Last Updated:  February 17, 2015