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Date: June 25, 2015
Contact: Sheriff Gary Simpson
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Andrew Neslon, Public Works Director
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No: NR15-066

Parking changes at Gold Creek trailhead

(Port Orchard, WA)   When the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) started to charge to park at the popular Gold Creek trailhead many visitors chose to park down the road on the shoulder. While there were some complaints, the shoulder there could accommodate the parking without impairing sight distances.

“We received a few calls from residents,” according to County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea. “At the time there was no shoulder parking available near the entrance, and the vehicles parked further down the road did not impair sight distances for visitors leaving the parking area,” said Shea.

Since then improvements to the area provided shoulders near the entrance. Visitors are using the area to park, impairing sight distances for visitors leaving the paid parking area. “Things change,” said Andrew Nelson, Public Works Director. “When Sheriff Simpson brought this to my attention we felt it was worth another look.”

Kitsap County Sheriff Gary Simpson had received concerns from residents concerning their ability to see as they leave the park. One resident, who pulls a horse trailer, said she has to use a spotter to exit the parking area safely. “We’re always concerned about safety, so I called Mr. Nelson to see if we could work together to resolve the issue,” Sheriff Simpson said. “This is why I like working in Kitsap County,” Simpson said. “We work together as a team to determine how best to keep our roadways safe, Simpson added.

Public Works traffic crews investigated the concerns. The vehicles parked in the immediate vicinity of the paid parking entrance did indeed make it difficult for visitors to safely exit the parking area. Based on the investigation it was decided to post signs prohibiting parking near the entrance to the trailhead. The parking restrictions went into effect June 24.

The paid parking area is part of the Discover Pass program instituted by the DNR. Passes are $10 for day use and $30 annually. The pass is transferable between two vehicles. The pass provides access to more than 100 developed parks, 700 water-access points, more than 350 primitive recreation sites, more than 80 natural areas, more than 30 wildlife areas and nearly 2,00 miles of designated water and land recreation trails. More information about the Discover pass can be found here..

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Last Updated:  June 26, 2015