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Date: July 8, 2015
Contact: Christine DeGeus, Traffic Operations Supervisor
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No: NR15-070

Bypass lane on Sidney is new strategy

(Port Orchard, WA)   Kitsap County implemented a new strategy to address rear-end collisions at the intersection of Sidney Road SW and SW Shannon Drive. "Because of the close proximity of that intersection and the SW Wildwood Road intersection there was not enough space to install the traditional left-turn pocket on Sidney," said Tina Nelson, Senior Program Manager at Public Works.

The County chose to install a southbound bypass lane at the Shannon Drive intersection. Bypass lanes have been used effectively in other areas of the country to mitigate rear-end collisions. The bypass lane provides enough room for through drivers to go around vehicles waiting to turn left. When there is no southbound left-turn traffic through vehicles can remain in the regular travel lane and continue through the intersection.

The work was done by RV Associates under a $343,800 contract. The project was substantially complete June 25. Punch list and ancillary work was completed yesterday.

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Last Updated:  July 08, 2015