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Date: May 6, 2016
Contact: Mindy Fohn, Water Quality Manager
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No: 2016-044

Puget Sound Starts Here Month challenges residents to protect local health, economy and quality of life by adopting Sound-healthy behaviors

(Port Orchard, WA) – Kitsap County is teaming up with hundreds of organizations across Puget Sound to challenge residents to commit to at least one Sound-healthy action during May’s Puget Sound Starts Here Month.

“Here” is where each of us live. It’s our homes, backyards, and neighborhoods. But what we do here is having a serious impact. Although it looks pristine on the surface, Puget Sound is in trouble. Studies show that millions of pounds of toxic pollution flow into Puget Sound each year – including petroleum, copper, lead, zinc, and other contaminants. Much of this comes from stormwater running off our roads, driveways, rooftops, yards and other developed land.

In Kitsap County there are about 20,000 storm drains that flow untreated to Puget Sound. These drains carry pollution from our daily activities – fertilizing the lawn, washing the car, even walking the dog (without doggie bags) – to the places we take our children to swim or dig for clams.

But the solution starts here as well… with you.

Some simple Sound-healthy actions you can take:
• Fix auto leaks right away and take any used fluids to a recycling center.
• Pick up pet waste and place it in the trash.
• Use natural yard products like compost and mulch. If you use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, follow the directions and use them sparingly.
• Never dump anything – liquid or solid – into a storm drain or drainage ditch.
• Volunteer to help with local habitat restoration projects.

Local Puget Sound Starts Here Month activities include:
• 6:10 pm, Saturday, May 16 - Puget Sound Starts Here Night at the Mariners, get discount tickets at
• 1:35 pm, Sunday, May 22 – Puget Sound Starts Here Night at the Rainiers at Cheney Stadium, Tacoma. Get your tickets at – it’s also K-9 Innings night!
• Pick up your free PSSH coaster or coffee sleeve at many different restaurants and coffee stands around Kitsap County

About Puget Sound Starts Here
Puget Sound Starts Here is supported by a consortium of more than 750 organizations across Puget Sound’s 12 counties, including state agencies, local governments, tribes, and non-governmental organizations working to clean up and protect Puget Sound and our region’s local waterways.

Puget Sound Starts Here

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Last Updated:  May 06, 2016