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Our Mission

Pursuing justice with integrity and respect.

Our Goals

Building Community

We are committed to working collaboratively with our community to create a truly safe place for our citizens.

  • The Public - We will operate in a way that is transparent by regularly communicating with the public and fostering an ongoing community discussion of our operations, priorities and goals.

  • Victims of Crime - We will treat victims with compassion and respect by keeping them informed, referring them to appropriate services, and seeking restitution for their losses.

  • Courts, Law Enforcement, and Counsel - We recognize that an effective justice system requires that we foster professional working relationships with the courts, law enforcement, and counsel.

  • Employees - We value every employee and will ensure their skills are continually improved and maintained and they receive appropriate recognition for their performance, accomplishments and service to the public.

Criminal Prosecution

We are committed to ensuring a safe community by getting violent offenders and non-violent predators off of our streets while offering rehabilitation and therapeutic options to offenders when appropriate. We will:

  • Prosecute crimes that accurately reflect the criminal behavior while considering the impacts on victims and the community in seeking appropriate resolutions.

  • Seek partnerships with our community to stop the revolving door of criminal behavior.

Civil Representation

We are committed to providing comprehensive, professional and timely legal advice to county officials that allow our clients to make informed decisions. We will:

  • Provide professional and ethical representation in furtherance of the goals of the county officials we represent.

  • Effectively represent our clients while protecting the constitutional rights of our citizens.

Family Support

We are committed to ensuring that parents live up to the responsibility of providing for their children through appropriate financial and medical support. We will:

  • Efficiently and compassionately enforce child support obligations.

  • Establish a legal parent for children and assign financial responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with the law.

We welcome your comments by calling our office or through e-mail.


  Last Updated:  16-Dec-2015

Photo of Tina Robinson 

Tina R. Robinson Prosecutor
Jan 2015 - Dec 2018 (R)


Public Hours of Operation:
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