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Child Support Division

The Child Support Division is responsible for establishing and enforcing child support obligations within the County. Four attorneys and twelve staff members make up the division. In cooperation with the state Division of Child Support (DCS), the Child Support Division accepts referrals involving the establishment of paternity and reviews and modifies support orders meeting state criteria. The division also enforces support obligations through civil contempt actions and appears in privately filed domestic relations cases to protect the State’s financial interest when public assistance has been paid on behalf of a child. The Division operates efficiently in handling a large volume of cases. The general goal of the Child Support Division mirrors that of the State and is threefold: (1) to establish paternity on behalf of minor children; (2) to obtain required support orders; and (3) to ensure support, both current and arrears, is being collected. These items must be accomplished in a cost-effective manner, meeting federal time lines and performance indicators that are tied to federal funding incentives.

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  Last Updated:  05-Jun-2014

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