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High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) Pilot Safety Project

location 4 - North St. SE

Crashes on the nation’s roadways continue to be one of the leading causes of fatalities and major injuries in the United States, particularly in rural areas. Roughly half of all fatal crashes occur at intersections or on horizontal curves.1,2 In horizontal curve crashes, it is often the case that the vehicle speed and curve geometry create a “friction demand” higher than what can be achieved with standard pavement surfaces. Intersection crashes often occur when driver error creates an unexpected need for increased friction demand to serve as a “speed countermeasure.” One low cost approach that has been shown to be effective in addressing high “friction demand” locations is the installation of a High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST).

High Friction Surface Treatments are pavement surface treatments that are composed of extremely hard, polish-and abrasion-resistant aggregates bonded to the pavement surface that greatly enhance the skid resistance and frictional characteristics of a road surface.

Excerpt from “Safety Opportunities in High Friction Surfacing” brochure, February, 2013. American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATTSA).

1 Milstead, R.X. Qin, B. Katz, J. Bonneson, M. Pratt, J. Miles, and P. Carlson. Procedures for Setting Advisory Speeds on Curves. FHWA-SA-11-22, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, D.C., June 2011.

2 Federal Highway Administration. “Intersection Safety.” U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, D.C. 2009, Available at:

HFST Fact Sheet
High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) consist of a thin layer of specially engineered, durable, high friction aggregate (calcined bauxite) as a topping on a thermosetting polymer resin binder. The treatments have long lasting skid resistance and are resistant to wear and polishing. In sharp curve sections of roadway where excessive braking may occur, a conventional road surface may become prematurely polished. HFST can restore the pavement friction characteristics and provide pavement friction to vehicles in critical breaking and cornering maneuvers. Installations of HFST at a wide variety of sites around the country have resulted in significant reductions in crashes. There are no negative safety effects for motorcycles and bicycles.

HFST Pilot Safety Project in Kitsap County
Summer 2015, Kitsap County Public Works will install High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) at seven curve locations throughout the county.  The locations were identified based on their collision history.

Project locations

New  Project update, October 2015: The application of the HFST at Locations 2- Barber Cut-off Rd., 3- Baby Doll Rd. NE at E. Collins Rd., and 7- Central Valley Rd. NW is complete. However, due to inclement weather and low temperatures the project is suspend for the season. We anticipate resuming the pilot at the remaining locations in the Spring 2016.

HFST Frequently asked Questions
American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA)

Staff contact
Christine DeGeus, Traffic Operations Supervisor

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Updated:  December 21, 2016
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