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Kitsap County Road Standards
(Ord. 404-2007)
Greaves Way - 2009The Department of Public Works is initiating the process of revising the Kitsap County Road Standards (Ord. 404-2007) and is soliciting
 the input from all interested parties. Anyone who has an interest in providing safe and efficient roads
for the citizens of Kitsap County is encouraged to participate in this process. Our intent is to compile
all comments by July 19, 2013 and complete the revision process by October 1, 2013.

Comments or suggestions for improving the Road Standards will be considered by an in-house team of professionals with input from local design professionals and others. A final draft document will be prepared for final public comment and adoption by the Board of County Commissioners.

Comments or suggestions for improving the existing Road Standards should be provided in writing. Microsoft Word, in redline/strikeout mode is the preferred format for submitting comments and suggested revisions. Other formats for conveying written comments are also acceptable.

In addition to the document currently adopted, comments are also being solicited on a proposed additional Chapter of the Road Standards addressing neighborhood traffic safety.

We appreciate the public’s input on the Road Standards and look forward to your participation in this process.

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