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SR 104 in Kingston - Feasibility Study for Realignment

Kitsap County Public Works and its consultant are completing a Feasibility Study to assess whether ferry-bound traffic could be redirected to the north couplet of SR 104. The study supports joint planning efforts to make downtown Kingston a pedestrian friendly and safe area.

This project looks at the feasibility of specific circulation revisions in the downtown area of Kingston associated with traffic accessing the ferry.  Significant changes could include removal of southbound ferry traffic from the south couplet of SR 104 and the conversion to two-way streets from the current one-way couplet configuration.

Improvements in transit, bicycle and pedestrian access to the ferry are proposed.  This includes revisions to the ferry terminal access and queuing lanes for vehicles to facilitate the relocation of inbound ferry traffic to East 1st Street. 

The study also incorporates techniques outlined in the Kingston Low Impact Development Project highlighting new storm water management concepts.
Alternative C1 Roundabout Allows direct access to Main Street (SR 104 south couplet)
Alternative D1 Roundabout Allows direct access to Central Avenue
Central Avenue Extension Extension north to Main Street with traffic signal at Central Avenue
Main Street Extension Extension one-way inbound from SR 104, outbound via SR 104, with traffic signal at Main Street
Washington State Ferry Queue Redirect ferry traffic to the north couplet of SR 104 (NE 1st Street) and move ticketing to new entrance
Non-Motorized Proposed Plan Circulation plan to safely move pedestrians and bicycles through the community, avoiding the heavy auto-oriented traffic on SR 104

Downtown Kingston

The community of Kingston, the Kingston Citizen Advisory Council and the Downtown Stakeholders are developing a Downtown Master Plan defining a vision for the downtown and addresses infill development, public open space, circulation and parking. The Downtown Master Plan gives form to the community’s goals for the time frame extending to 2025 and is conceptual in nature. The master planning process was administered by the Kitsap County Department of Community Development (DCD) and guided by the Kingston Citizen Advisory Council (KCAC).

The Miller Bay Corridor Study (2009) addresses the circulation component of the Kingston Downtown Master Plan in detail and establishes guidelines for a “Complete Streets” approach for the public rights of way in the downtown area.

Staff contact: Greg Cioc, Senior Transportation Planner

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