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Concurrency for Traffic Management
This information is an overview of the Traffic Concurrency requirements of Car rolling over a counter in the roadKitsap County. It does not contain the full text of the concurrency requirements, which can be reviewed in Ordinance 218-1998. A concurrency test is required for all new development.

The purpose of the concurrency management system is to
implement the Transportation Element of the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan, as required by RCW 36.70A in accordance with
WAC 365-195-510 and 365-195-835.

General Procedure

a.) An applicant for any development not exempt, will have a concurrency test performed as part of their application for new development. New development is generally in the three categories of single family residence, multi-family residential, and commercial. An applicant is required to complete the following form:
Public Works Concurrency Test Supplemental Application
b.) The Department of Community Development will receive the application and forward it to the Public Works Transportation Division for the test.
c.) The Public Works Transportation Division will locate the subject application in an electronic mapping system that simulates vehicular traffic on County roads, State highways and Ferry routes, and forecast the new vehicular traffic onto the affected network.
d.) An evaluation is then made as to the available capacity left on the affected County road network - if there is enough capacity, the concurrency test is passed. If the test does not pass the application will stop and the applicant will be notified.

The three certificates are:

  1. the Capacity Inquiry Certificate, which asks if the application will pass a concurrency test as it is proposed;
  2. the Capacity Reservation Certificate, which asks if the the application will pass a capacity test and then reserves that capacity for the applicant until final approval;
  3. the Certificate of Concurrency, which shows the completed application has passed the concurrency test and has locked in the capacity on the road network for the traffic it will generate.

Note the full text in Ordinance 218-1998. Simplified and not to supersede the ordinance, (1) Existing development for which road impact fees were collected (2) Renewals of previously issued permits (3) Phases of projects already tested (4) Applications which create no additional traffic such as renovations, home businesses, temporary trailers, demolitions. The full text is under Section 9.0 Exemptions From Concurrency.

Goal of Concurrency
The long range goal of the Concurrency Management system is to preserve and maintain the Level of Service on County roads. As growth occurs and more traffic is produced, the Concurrency Management System will provide enough information so construction programs can keep up with traffic. There is no reason to suppose that acceptable growth can't continue. The growth which has been planned for in the Comprehensive Plan will be accommodated by the County road system.

Fee Schedule
Traffic Concurrency Test $200 (No fee if submitted with Building Permit)
includes: Capacity Inquiry
Capacity Reservation
Certificate of Concurrency
Renewal of any Concurrency Test $25

Application Form
Public Works Concurrency Test Supplemental Application -
Adobe®PDF format.

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