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County Road Improvement Districts (CRID)

A County Road Improvement District (CRID) is a process provided by Washington State law (RCW 36.88) allowing Counties to facilitate the construction of new public roads and other related facilities. It is essentially a method of financing new road improvements. The County sells long term bonds to finance the project. The bonds are paid off over a period of years by the owners of the property benefiting from the improvements. The road is designed and constructed in conformance with Kitsap County Design Standards and the road maintenance becomes the responsibility of the County.

A CRID can be formed either by the property owners petitioning the County or by resolution of intention by the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners. Petitioning by the property owners is the most common method of forming a CRID.   The petition process to form a CRID follows these steps:

1.  Property owners provide Public Works with a non-binding preliminary petition signed by a majority of the property owners. A copy of the petition form is available from Public Works. A valid petition form must contain the signatures of the property owners representing over 50% of the area within the proposed CRID boundary and 50% of the front footage along the proposed improvements.

2. When a petition is received, the Public Works Engineering will

a. Prepare a preliminary estimate of the cost of the proposed improvements.
b.  Prepare a legal description of the proposed benefit area.
c.  Determine a fair method of assessing the property owners within the benefit area.
d.  Prepare a preliminary assessment roll showing the amount each property owner would be assessed for the proposed improvements.
e.  Determine the sufficiency of the petitions.

The Engineer's estimate and preliminary assessments are then submitted to the Board of County Commissioners with the validated petitions. A public hearing date is scheduled by the Board to evaluate the petition.

3.  Notice of the public hearing is mailed to all property owners in the benefit area. The notice will inform each property owner of the date of the public hearing and the preliminary assessment for their parcel.

4.  At the public hearing the Board of Commissioners will review the estimated cost, method of assessment and benefit area boundary for the proposed CRID. Written and oral testimony will be taken at this hearing, weighed by the Board, and a decision will be made to adopt or reject the CRID.

5.  Upon an affirmative decision by the Board to adopt the CRID, the Engineering Division of Public Works will begin the design on the project.

6.  If additional right-of-way is required, property owners will be contacted by a County Right-of-Way Agent.

7.  The improvement is typically constructed by a reputable contractor who has been selected utilizing the competitive bidding process. County road maintenance forces may, under certain circumstances, perform the work.

8.  The improvements are constructed under the direct supervision of the Public Works Construction Division.

9.  Upon completion of the project, the final costs for construction are tabulated and the final assessments are computed. It is the County's policy that the final assessments will never be increased by more than 10% of the preliminary assessments.

10. Notices are sent to the individual property owners informing them of the final assessment and the date of the final assessment hearing before the County Commissioners.

11. At the final hearing, assessments are reviewed by the Board of Commissioners. Any objections to final assessments are heard by the Board. The payback period is set and the issuance of bonds is authorized.

12. Following the final assessment hearing, individual notices of assessments are sent to the property owners by the County Treasurer.

13.  The property owners may pay the assessment in full within 30 days without interest. If not, they will be billed once a year (separate from the property taxes) for a period of ten (10) or fifteen (15) years, whichever is decided upon by the Board at the current interest rate for bonds at the time construction is completed.

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