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Bucklin Hill Road will be closed for roadway widening and construction of a new bridge between Blaine Avenue NW and Mickleberry Road NW from July 2015 to July 2016.

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Bridge Area Overlook Selections
What to Expect During the Project
Public Support for the Project
Project History and Goals
Project Details

Estimated Project Schedule and Status
Design Drawings and Reports
Estimated Project Costs and Funding Sources
Media and Presentations
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Bridge Area Overlook Sections

We asked the public for their input on some elements of the design for two overlooks at the east end of the bridge. The following elements were selected.

Curved Configuration

Concrete Custom Texture

Composite Material Bench

Open Window Lighting Bollard

The design team has used these elements in the final design.

South Overlook

North Overlook

The retaining walls that support the outlook areas are required for the bridge construction.
Adding the landscape features, textured concrete, benches, and lighting bollards will cost an additional $60,000.

 What to Expect

Bucklin Hill Road between Blaine Ave and Mickelberry Road, will be closed to all vehicular traffic during most of the construction period.

Detour routes will be signed, posted on this webpage, and included in the Road Report at

Traffic signals in the Silverdale area will be adjusted to support traffic flow. 

A temporary traffic signal will be in place at the Ridgetop Boulevard/Levin Road intersection during the roadway closure.

Click here to view the Road Closure resolution

Click here for more detailed information on traffic impacts of the road closure

Letters of Support for the road closure:
Letter from the Central Kitsap Community Council--May 17, 2013
Letter from CenturyLink--March 6, 2013
Jon Brand, County Engineer

Public Support 

Letter from Clear Creek Task Force
Letter from Central Kitsap Community Council
Letter from Greater Peninsula Conservancy
Letter from Kitsap County Parks & Recreation
Letter from the Kitsap Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau--April 3, 2013

Memo from Jon Brand, County Engineer--April 2, 2013

 Project History and Goals

A 1998 design report recommended that Bucklin Hill Road be expanded to a four-lane road from Silverdale Way to Tracyton Boulevard. The recommended improvements have been phased into several projects, some that have already been completed:


Improvements to the intersection at Mickelberry Road, completed in 2007.


Construction of a drop-lane and a left turn pocket at the Tracyton Boulevard Intersection, completed in 2009.

3. Replace the existing culverts with a bridge. Current project.
4. Expand the existing roadway to four lanes. Current project.

Some benefits of the current project include:

Remove existing culverts to improve fish passage and restore natural functions of the estuary. This enhancement will support future upstream projects.

Improve the roadway capacity of Bucklin Hill Road.

Provide effective connections to the Clear Creek trail system on both sides of the estuary.

 Project Details

The proposed improvements to Bucklin Hill Road include:

Replace the existing embankment and culverts across Clear Creek with a multi-spanned bridge, 240 feet in length.

Widen the road to four lanes across the new bridge and five lanes elsewhere within the project area.

Provide left turn access from east bound Bucklin Hill Road onto northbound Levin Road.
Improve local community access by constructing sidewalks and bicycle lanes from Blaine Avenue NW to Mickelberry Road NW. 
Provide storm drainage improvements so that the runoff is treated to remove road pollutants
Replace the traffic signal at Mickelberry Road NW and the pedestrian signal just east of the Clear Creek estuary.

For a typical roadway section (how the road lanes will look) click here

Bridge elevation

Estimated Project Schedule and Status

Preliminary Engineering:   
Start January 2011
30% Design:   
January 2012
60% Design:   
February 2013
Public Open House:   
March 7, 2013
90% Design:   
October 2013
Second Public Open House: 
November 21, 2013
Design Complete:    August 2014
Advertise for Bids:     October 2014
Construction (estimate):    Start June 2015
Finish Summer 2016

Design Drawings and Reports

Biological Assessment - December 20, 2013

Environmental Impact Statement Addendum - December 18, 2013

Wetland and Stream Assessment Report - December 16, 2013

90% Design Drawings - October 2013
Sheet G01 - TD05
Sheet B01 - W05
Sheet CR01 - U04
Sheet TS01 - L06

Raising the Roadway over the Estuary by 5 feet - July 2013

60% Design Drawings - April 2013
Sheet G01 - TD04
Sheet B1 - B24
Sheet W01 - DD07
Sheet Us01 - SS04

60% Drainage Memorandum - March 2013

Traffic Memorandum, Traffic Analysis for Staged Construction
and Road Closure - May 2013

Geotechnical Report - November 2012

30% Draft Design Report - November 3, 2011

Design Report and Figures - October 15, 1998

Environmental Impact Statement - March 1998

Estimated Project Costs and Funding Sources

  Estimated Project Costs
Preliminary Engineering: $3 million
Right of Way Purchase: $560,000

$12.6 million

  Funding Sources
  • $6.8 million from the Federal Highway Administration through the Puget Sound Regional Council
  • $4.0 million from the Transportation Improvement Board (awarded November 2013) 
  • $5.36 million from the Kitsap County Road Fund

Want to Know More?


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Media and Presentations

  Kitsap Sun Article - April 28, 2014. Click here
Kitsap Sun Article - November 24, 2013. Click here
Open House Presentation - November 21, 2013.  Click here
Kitsap Sun Article - June 8, 2013. Click here
Kitsap Sun article - March 8, 2013. Click here
Public Open House - March 7, 2013. Click here
CK Reporter Article - March 1, 2013. Click here

Bucklin Hill Meeting Announcement Postcard. Click here

Central Kitsap Community Council Presentation December 21, 2011, October 16, 2013 and
 May 15, 2014

Clear Creek Task Force – October 6, 2011,  March 1, 2012,  October 2012, and
October 15, 2013

Kitsap Sun article - March 22, 2012 . Click here to view.
Central Kitsap Reporter article - March 23, 2012. Click here to view. 
Commissioner's Corner - September 2012. Commissioner Josh Brown discusses the project. Click here to view.
Central Kitsap Reporter article - September 7, 2012. Click here to view. 

  Project Contact

Tina Nelson, P.E.
Senior Program Manager - Engineering
Kitsap County Public Works
Kitsap1: 360.337.5777