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Bucklin Hill header

What will the overlooks on the new Bucklin Hill Bridge look like?

In Summer 2014, the twin culverts under Bucklin Hill Road in Silverdale will be replaced with a bridge over the Clear Creek estuary. The bridge will also include some overlooks. Kitsap County would like citizen input on certain visual aspects of the overlooks including the layout, wall texture, street furniture, and lighting bollards. Citizens can also help choose the style for the bridge railings.

Please review the choices below and submit your favorites by April 8, 2013.

Perspective drawing of Bucklin Hill bridge

Bridge Overlook Concept  
Overlooks on the east end of the bridge allow viewing of Clear Creek and the estuary. Due to the available space, the overlook on the north side of the bridge is smaller than the overlook on the south side.

There are three (3) Bridge Overlook concepts to choose from. Each of the choices below show concept pairs for the two sides. Select the concept pair you prefer.
Click on thumbnails for larger picture

Choice 1 - Simple Triangular    
  South overlook North overlook
South overlook-Choice 1   North Overlook-Choice 1
Choice 2 - Extended Triangular    
  South overlook   North overlook
South overlook-Choice 2   North overlook-Choice 2
Choice 3 - Curved    
  South overlook   North overlook
South overlook-Choice 3   North overlook-Choice 3

Wall Texture 
The retaining walls on the concepts above can be either plain or textured, as indicated below. The textured example is a custom design using images of Clear Creek as an example. Click here to view an artists rendering of the two choices together as they would appear on the overlooks. Click on the images below to see a larger picture of the concrete types.
Select the texture you prefer.

Concrete choice 1-patterned   Concrete choice 2 - Plain

Street Furniture
Benches and/or chairs on the overlooks provide seating as space allows. Click on the images below to see a larger picture. Choose the bench design you prefer.

Bench choice 1-black metal   Bench choice 2-wooden

Lighting Bollards
Small lighting poles, or bollards, are planned for the overlook. Click on the images below to see a larger picture. Select the lighting bollard you prefer.

Lighting Bollard Choice 1-open   LIghting Bollard Choice 2-Slit

Bridge Railings
These railings are for the bridge itself, not the overlook, and may be either black or silver in color. Click on the images below to see larger pictures. Choose the bridge railing you prefer.

Bridge railing choice 1 Bridge railing choice 2 Bridge railing choice3

  Project Contact:                                                                                                               

Tina Nelson, P.E.
Senior Program Manager - Engineering
Kitsap County Public Works
(360) 337-5777 or (800) 825-4940

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