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Snow and Ice Control

During winter snow and ice events, County crews use the priorities established in our snow and ice control policy. Operations are prioritized by designating roads as priority 1 or priority 2 roads. Roads not designated as either priority 1 or 2  are local access or residential streets, and are the third priority for snow and ice control.

County-maintained roads are designated primary and secondary based on traffic counts, vehicle types, designated speed limits, and the functional class of the road.   Private roads are not maintained by County road crews. If you live on a private road you should work with your neighbors to develop a plan for snow and ice.

About the Snow Plow Map
Red lines indicate primary roads. Primary roads provide the highest degree of mobility, serve major centers of activity, and are high traffic volume links between suburban centers and outlying communities. Crews plow and sand primary roads first, and continue until they are clear. When primary roads are clear crews move to secondary roads. 

Blue lines indicate secondary roads. Secondary roads link local communities with primary roads. Secondary roads may enter residential neighborhoods, provide direct property access, and move traffic from primary roads to local access roads. It is important to remember during major snow events crews spend most of the initial response clearing snow and ice on primary roads before moving to secondary roads.

Local access roads serve residential single family homes, multiple dwelling developments, commercial business offices, and industrial development. They also provide access to developments from secondary roads, and provide circulation through neighborhoods. Crews work on local access roads after primary and secondary roads are cleared.

Map Legend:

Map Legend

PRIORITY 1 ROADS (First 36 hours)

PRIORITY 2 ROAD (36–72 Hours)




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