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Traffic Signs                    

Public Works maintains thousands of traffic signs, and other traffic control devices including signal lights, school flasher warnings, and paint markings.  All forms of traffic control in Kitsap County follow the national guidelines outlined in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Use these quick links to find information about the following types of signs:

Roadside Memorials

Private Road Signs

Public Road Signs

Children at Play

Other Signs & Considerations

Stop signsSTOP SIGNS   Broken or missing stop signs should be phoned in during business hours (360.337.5777) or reported to the 911 dispatcher after business hours/weekends.  Missing or damaged STOP or YIELD signs are considered urgent and a top safety priority.

ON LINE REQUEST FOR ACTION can be submitted 24 hours a day for non-emergency signs. The mailbox is monitored Monday through Friday, and we will send an email response during the business work day.  Choose Broken or Missing Sign under the complaint type to report problems with the following types of signs:

  • Street Name Signs on County maintained (public) roads
  • Creek and Stream Signs (brown with a salmon)
  • Dead End on County maintained (public) roads
  • Bike Route Signs

Not all signs are the responsibility of the County. Private Road signs and other types of signs may be purchased and the County will (in some instances) furnish, install and maintain the sign for this fee.  Other jurisdictions may apply:

  • County maintained road intersecting with a State Highway
    The initial sign installation is done by the County.  The Washington State DOT is responsible for maintenance and replacement.
    360.874.3050 WSDOT
  • County maintained road intersecting with a City
    The initial sign installation is done by the County.  Maintenance and replacement is the responsibility of the specified City.
  • Private road intersecting with a State Highway
    Contact the Washington State DOT at 360.874.3050


Kitsap County Public Works is responsible for maintenance of street name signs on maintained (public) roads.  For all new roads in development, Kitsap County Department of Community Development is responsible for assigning addresses and approving road names.  The owner is responsible for acquiring and installing the initial street name sign or signs.  After the County has accepted the newly dedicated road, Public Works will assume maintenance responsibility for the public street name signs.

Report broken or missing public street signs for areas of unincorporated Kitsap County to Kitsap at 360.337.5777 or use our web form:



For a $120 fee, Public Works will manufacture and install private road signs where they intersect with a County maintained road.  All private road signs requests must be first verified with the County addressing staff (Community Development).   Upon receipt of the fee, the County will manufacture, install and maintain it in perpetuity as long as it remains in the County's jurisdiction. 

Private road name signs may also be purchased and installed by private sources.  The signs must comply with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and be installed in compliance with roadside safety guidelines.

A private road intersecting with another private road is not under Kitsap County's jurisdiction. Street name signs for these locations must be purchased and installed by private providers.

SIGN ORDER FORM (in Adobe Acrobat format) can be filled out and printed for easy ordering.  The $120 fee must be submitted with the order form.  Mail to KCPW, 614 Division Street  (MS26), Port Orchard, WA  98366.
Staff Contact: Cindy Keiser, 360.337.5777



An often-heard neighborhood request concerns the posting of warning signs with "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" or other similar messages. These requests stem from parents concern for the safety of their children in the street or near their homes. Unfortunately, these requests are based upon a widespread false belief that all traffic signs provide protection.

"SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" signs create a false sense of security for parents and children. Parents think these signs provide an added measure of protection - but motorists often pay little attention to them. Playing in the street is unsafe and illegal and "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" signs are a direct and open suggestion to small children the street is an acceptable place to play.  It is important for parents to teach their children about the dangers of playing near or in the street.

Studies made in areas around the nation where such signs were widely posted in residential areas show no evidence of having reduced pedestrian crashes, vehicle speed or legal liability.  Since there are children on virtually every residential street in Kitsap County, signs would have to be posted on every street. Otherwise, it would suggest there are no children in areas where signs are not posted. 

Because of these serious considerations, Washington State law does not recognize, and Federal Standards discourage, the use of "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY SIGNS." Kitsap County's policy does not provide for the installation of these signs.  Specific warnings for schools, playgrounds, parks, and other recreational facilities are available for use where clearly justified.


At issue in any community is the use of sign or notices for political uses, advertising yard sales, real estate and other community events.  While the sign/notices often serve a useful purpose, they contribute to the litter problem and are a serious distraction and safety hazard for motorists and pedestrians.

  • Never place a sign/notice on any County sign posts
  • All sign/notices should be placed and removed in a timely manner
  • Anyone placing sign/notices on private property should obtain permission from the owner


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