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Travel Demand and Modeling

Travel forecasting models are used to predict changes in travel and utilization of the transportation system in response to changes in regional development, demographics, and transportation supply. Modeling travel demand is a challenging task, but one that is required for rational planning and evaluation of the transportation system.

Sources for model development and maintenance:

  • Population estimates
  • Land use assumptions
  • Roadway system improvements

Estimation of future demand:

Software - Current Macro Model:  TransCAD
TransCAD is the first and only Geographic Information System (GIS) designed specifically for use by transportation professionals to store, display, manage, and analyze transportation data. TransCAD combines GIS and transportation modeling capabilities in a single integrated platform. TransCAD can be used for all modes of transportation, at any scale or level of detail.


Software - Current Micro Model:    Synchro/Sim Traffic
Synchro & SimTraffic is a software package designed to model the interactions of traffic at the street level. The user can modify lane configurations, signal timing, traffic characteristics and other parameters, to assess the best solution for a given traffic issue.

Signal Timing and Coordination:  By optimizing the capacity of an intersection we can reduce congestion, improve level of service, reduce accidents, and create a more enjoyable driving environment.

Traffic Simulation:   Simulation models allow efficient analysis of multiple planning alternatives, aiding the decision making process for planners and engineers. Animated graphic displays help show different scenarios to the public and elected officials.

Recent Projects:  Silverdale Signal Timing Project, Kingston Circulation Study, Old Town Silverdale Circulation Study,
Myhre Road Bridge Closure Traffic Diversion & Signal Timing

Future Projects:  Critical Intersection LOS Monitoring  and Ferry Traffic Serge Modeling


Other Software and Tools
(from ESRI) is an integrated collection of GIS software products used by Kitsap County.  It provides all the functionality for creating and managing an intelligent GIS (geographical information system) including maps and globes, data, metadata, geodatasets, and workflow models.

Geographic Positioning System (GPS) is used to locate and map existing trails as well as potential future trails as part of the non-motorized planning efforts. GPS is also used to collect roadway travel time data, aid in travel demand model calibration, corridor monitoring, and traffic signal timing.


Practical Application:  Silverdale Travel Times

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