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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

January 24, 2014

Honorable Jay B. Roof 


Judge Jeffrey Tolman
Poulsbo Municipal Court Judge
Keynote Speaker

"Five Important Ways to Help Succeed in a Sober Lifestyle:
1.  Look for friends (clean & sober) for support.
2.  Lean on your sponsor in good and bad times.
3.  Think of yourself as a role model.
4.  Pass it forward, help new and struggling participants.
5.  Understand how many people care about you and work hard."


Amy D., Alumni Speaker

"I was very broken when I came into this program.  I was hopeless. 
Beyond hopeless but I reached out for help.  The disease is cunning
and I lost everything.  It took me one success at a time to
start believing in myself."

We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.

Alan W., Graduate

Alan W., Graduate

"Thank you to everyone for
inspiring me.  I'm going to
be the same man I was
yesterday, today and tomorrow."

Kenneth L., Graduate

Kenneth L., Graduate

"This program gave me a chance
to be a father again and helped
get my life back."

Kenneth L., Graduate

Kenneth L., Graduate
“I kept doing it until I got
it right.  Drug Court is the
best thing that ever
happened to me."

Michael M., Graduate

Michael M., Graduate

“Until I entered Drug Court, I had
never been in a court that
people were smiling (and I've
been in a lot of courts).
Thank you."


Delayna S., Graduate

Delayna S., Graduate
"When I signed on to Drug Court, I cried.  Thank you to everyone that never gave up on me."

Richard L., Graduate

 Richard L., Graduate
"Thank you to the Drug Court
team for the opportunity and
all the support from friends and
family.  Do the next right thing."

Justin T., Graduate

Justin T., Graduate
"I didn't believe in myself when
I started.  The Drug Court
Team did."

Kelly L., Graduate

Kelly L., Graduate
"Thank you to Judy, my counselor
and my sponsor for putting up
with me and the Drug Court
team for giving me a chance."

Michael M., Graduate

Michael M, Graduate
"I kept clean through it all. 
Thank you to my Mom for
coming back into my life."

Jackie T., Graduate

Jackie T., Graduate
"I had no self-worth at first. 
Thank you to my parents for
not giving up on me."

Chrissy L., Graduate

Chrissy L., Graduate
"Thank you to the Drug Court
team for not giving up even
though I wanted to give
up on myself."

Kim G., Graduate

Kim G., Graduate
"Thank God for carving a path for
me to make it through the program. 
My life has absolutely changed
and my family speaks to me now."

Richard B., Graduate

Richard B., Graduate
"Thank you to all my family
and friends for putting up
with me.  Thank you to
the Drug Court team.  At first
I didn't care if I lived or died. 
Drug Court was my last chance."

Wendy P., Graduate

Wendy P., Graduate
"Drug Court is an amazing program
and thank you to my family.  It's
been a long road."

Robert H., Graduate

Robert H., Graduate
"Thank you to everyone on the
Drug Court team and my
mom and Jayden."

Evangeline R., Graduate

Evangeline R., Graduate
"Thank you for Drug Court for
changing my life and "

Drug Court Graduates and Judge Jay B. Roof 

“Fifteen years ago this week, Kitsap County Drug Court began. 
For the first two weeks there were no participants.  Week
three we had our first one and since then there have been
1,000 participants.  Of those we've had 500 graduates. 
It takes a great deal of courage to admit you need help.”

                                                                          - Judge Jay B. Roof

Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jay B. Roof
Treatment Court Manager Samantha K. Lyons
Kitsap Recovery Center Bergen Starke, Scott Dalgleish, Carla Carlsen
Cascade Recovery Center Rick Bialock, Judy Patton, Carol Brigham
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Kelly
Courthouse Service Dog Kerris
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy
Court Clerks Gwen Warren
Drug Court Assistant Carol VanderHeyden
Community Resource Officer Deputy Montague
Drug Court Compliance Officer Victoria Ackerman
Grant Administrator Gay Neal
Updated:  September 10, 2014


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