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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

January 25, 2013

Honorable Jay B. Roof 


Larry Eyer
Kitsap Community Resources
Guest Speaker

"Successful people learn to use resources to improve their life. 
Keys to success: build support group; recognize personal
power and strength; serve others."


Shantel, Alumni Speaker

"Never thought I could be clean because my entire family are
addicted.  I'm grateful I chose the right path, I've never regretted it."

We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.

Tammy, Graduate

"When I first came to Drug
Court, I couldn't look at myself
in the mirror.  I was so ashamed."

Wayne, Graduate

"When I joined Drug Court, I had never heard of it before.  Thank you."

Debbie, Graduate
“Thank you for accepting me
into the program and helping
me to set goals.  Drug
Court saved my life." 


Sean, Graduate
“This is the longest I've stayed
clean & sober in 30 years. 
I'm grateful to everyone on the
Drug Court Team.  Always stay
open minded."

Corbin, Graduate
"There are so many people
to thank.  I am grateful to be
alive today and experience
life very differently than before.  The two people that I respect
the most are Judge Roof and especially my father."


Carl, Graduate
"At first I didn't think I'd make
it through the program. 
Remember to ask for help
and do something different
with your life."

Michele, Graduate
"I've been addicted since I was 14 years old.  I finally realized that I
could have a new life.  There's hope and love in the program. 
I appreciate always being treated with respect by the Drug Court team."

Drug Court Graduates and Judge Jay B. Roof 

“This is the 52nd Drug Court Graduation Ceremony.  You join 440
previous graduates.  Addiction is a disease not a lack of willpower or a
character defect. You represent the hope of recovery.”

                                                                          - Judge Jay B. Roof

Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jay B. Roof
Drug Court Case Manager Cherie Lusk
Kitsap Recovery Center Steve Kohrt, Bergen Starke, Carla Carlsen
Cascade Recovery Center Rick Bialock, Judy Patton, Carol Brigham
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Kelly
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy
Court Clerks Gwen Warren
Drug Court Assistant Carol VanderHeyden
Community Resource Officer Deputy Montague
Drug Court Compliance Officer Vicky Minor
Grant Administrator Gay Neal
Updated:  September 10, 2014


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