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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

January 30, 2015

Honorable Jay B. Roof 


Ed Wolfe
Kitsap County Commissioner

Keynote Speaker

"Drug Court significantly reduces drug usage and crime. You're the winners! Every dollar spent in Drug Court results in a $10.00 savings to Kitsap County"


Lori M., Alumni Speaker

"I choose not to have my old life back. I jumped into Drug Court with both feet. You don't ever "graduate"'s ongoing. Humility is the key."

We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.

Jessica B., Graduate

"Thank you to the Drug Court team and for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. I have true friends today."

Rose K., Graduate
"Thank you to the Drug Court team, especially Bergen. And to my family and friends for loving me when I couldn't love myself."

Gordon W., Graduate
“I got rid of people, places and things that triggered my addiction. Today is a humble day. My journey has just began. Thank you and God bless."


Stephen L., Graduate

“Thank you to the Drug Court team and my family who have been very supportive. This has been an emotional journey. Thank you."

Brett T., Graduate
"I had a rough start. I have a ton of respect for Judge Roof and the Drug Court team. When I first came I didn't have many choices. ...Now, I do."

 James B., Graduate
"Thanks Scott, Bergen and the Drug Court team, and my grandparents."

Cori B., Graduate
"I'm so grateful for my family and friends. Thank you, Scott. You really changed my life."

Stephen W., Graduate
"Drugs and alcohol have no place in my life now. Through God's help I was able to forgive myself. I am blessed to have this opportunity to change and become a productive member of society."

Ed J., Graduate
"When I first came to Drug Court I was miserable. I tried to quit many times on my own. I have to work on my recovery the rest of my life. I'm grateful to the Drug Court team."

Ken G., Graduate
"Thank you to the Drug Court team and Kitsap County. It's a life changer and very worthwhile."

Shila E., Graduate
"Thank you to the Drug Court team, Bergen and my family."

Drug Court Graduates and Judge Jay B. Roof 

“This morning represents an opportunity for a new beginning. Recovery is a process not an event. The heart of our program is treatment, personal growth and sobriety.”
                                                                          - Judge Jay B. Roof

Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jay B. Roof
Treatment Court Manager Samantha K. Lyons
Kitsap Recovery Center Bergen Starke
Scott Dalgleish
Jackie Tolentino
Wendy Juarez
Carla Carlsen
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Kelly
Coreen Schnepf
Courthouse Service Dog Kerris
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy
Court Clerks Gwen Warren
Drug Court Assistant Carol VanderHeyden
Community Resource Officer Deputy Montague
Drug Court Compliance Officer Victoria Ackerman
Andrew Sawtell
Riveka Crooms
KMHS Mental Health Specialist Ashley Mitchusson
Administrative Assistant  
Grant Administrator Gay Neal
Updated:  February 06, 2015


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