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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

April 29, 2016

Honorable Jeanette Dalton 


Chief Strachan
Bremerton Police Department

Keynote Speaker

"Addiction is so tough. They are all human beings. It’s heavy lifting and continued support."


Jeffrey N., Alumni Speaker

"I neglected my core values, ran from everything:  My hopes, dreams weren’t possible.  My life was a mess.  My sobriety today is adaptable thinking."

We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.

Lisa B., Graduate

"My picture (booking photo) does not portray what I felt inside.  Today I have obtained my GED, my driver’s license.  Life does not stop today."

Bonnie R., Graduate

"Next year you will wish you had started today.  I was a broken person when I began this program.  I have learned self-esteem."

Valerie P., Graduate
“This has been an amazing journey.  I have so much gratitude. "


Ashley G., Graduate

“Thank you.  I am so grateful, this program saved my life.  I look forward to the future."

Amber L., Graduate
"Courageous, inspiring, and capable role model.  I did a lot of work to get here today.  I had a lot of support."

 Anthony C., Graduate
"I am thankful, grateful.  I am working towards becoming a chef."

Timothy T., Graduate
"I am thankful to everyone.  The hardest part of my journey was learning acceptance."

Jacob J., Graduate
"When I started I was broken and unsure of myself.  Without this program I would not be alive today."

Traci F., Graduate
"I knew I needed to change but I didn't know how.  My support believed in me when I didn't know how to believe in myself."

Adam L., Graduate
"I am grateful for everything everyone has done for me."

Daniel Z., Graduate
"There are no words to describe my gratitude.  To the new comers:  Give yourself time and stay with it."

Brad N., Graduate
"Re-con and rescue.  Do the heavy lifting."

Evanna S., Graduate
"I was pregnant in jail at 18, I didn't want to be a bad mom.  This was the most difficult process I have ever endured.  I succeeded."

Katie M., Graduate
"I want to thank my family for not giving up on me.  If it wasn't for my daughter I wouldn't be alive today."

Drug Court Graduates and Judge Jeanette Dalton 

“These graduates have demonstrated their commitment to themselves, their families and to the community.  By working hard, they have transformed themselves from being outsiders to productive, responsible and honorable individuals.”
                                                                          - Judge Jeanette Dalton

Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jeanette Dalton
Treatment Court Manager Samantha K. Lyons
Kitsap Recovery Center Bergen Starke, Scott Dalgleish, Demian Putzke, Jackie Jones, Kylee Hull-Gingrey, Wayne Swanson, Toni Carrigan, Carla Carlsen
KMHS Mental Health Specialist Ashley Mitchusson
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jennine Christensen
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy
Court Clerks Becky Brown Turbyfill
Community Resource Officer Deputy Montague
Drug Court Compliance Officer Riveka Crooms, Lilia Gonzalez, Janice Riley
Administrative Specialist Sheila Ring
Grant Administrator Gay Neal
Courthouse Service Dog Kerris
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