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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

April 24, 2009

Honorable Jay B. Roof 


Attorney General Rob McKenna

Rob McKenna
Washington State Attorney General
Keynote Speaker

"When Kitsap County established its Drug Court, other counties
were still hesitant.  Not many counties were ready to take that step. 
10 years later, there is now no doubt that drug courts work. 
We are deeply impressed by this program. 
Judge Roof has shown an unmatched commitment to Drug Court."


We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.

James - Graduate

James, Graduate
"I am grateful to have had my wake
up call at such a young age.  Thank you Rick and the rest of the team."


Marty, Graduate
"I relate to my friends and family differently now.  I learned to ask for help and how to help others.  Reach for the light at the end of the tunnel."

Shaunte - Graduate

Shaunte, Graduate
“I've made amazing connections here.  When I see you all in the streets, I'll remember you.  You've
all helped me change my life." 

Peggy - Graduate

Peggy, Graduate
“Thank you all."

Neal - Graduate

Neal, Graduate
“I spent Drug Court reconnecting
with my family.  I tried and I tried.  The more I proved myself, the
longer leash Drug Court
would give me."

Jeff - Graduate

Jeff, Graduate
"Thank you to my home group.  It's Saturdays at 8:00.  There'll be cake tomorrow." 

Vickie - Graduate

Vicki, Graduate
"This has been a life changing experience.  I want to thank my family.  I love them all very much."

Tawnia - Graduate

Tawnia, Graduate
"This was my chance.  I knew I needed something to change. 
I am so grateful for what
Drug Court has given me."

Gary - Graduate 

Gary, Graduate
"Thank you to my family.  I love you guys.  You never gave up hope."

Daniel - Graduate

Daniel, Graduate
"Thank you Rick.  I'm a different
guy than I was when I started. 
Thank you for helping me to
come out of my shell."

Daniel - Graduate 

Daniel, Graduate
"It's weird to hear, 'Danny was a heroin addict.'  'Was' is the key word.  Thank you."

Jean - Graduate

Jean, Graduate
"I'd lost everything.  The love of my life had died.  My dog and I lived in a car.  Thank you for a place to live, friends to share my life with and life itself."

Christopher "C.J." - Graduate 

Christopher "C.J.", Graduate
"My Mom told me 'love is unselfish caring for another individual.'  Thanks to Drug Court, I feel that sometimes now."

Drug Court Graduates, Attorney General Rob McKenna, and
Judge Jay B. Roof 

In difficult times it is appropriate to reexamine our priorities.  I am grateful that our commissioners have the foresight to invest in prevention.  Drug Court lies at the intersection of a commitment to justice and prevention of future crime.  It brings families together, makes our community safer, and saves lives.  It is a court of hope.”
                                                                         - Judge Jay B. Roof

Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jay B. Roof
Drug Court Case Manager Cherie Lusk
Kitsap Recovery Center Lisa Romwall, Steve Kohrt, Bergen Starke, Glenda McPherson, and Carla Carlsen
Cascade Recovery Center Rick Bialock, Grace Jones, Doranne Carleton and Brian Burwell
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Kelly
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy  
Court Clerk Vicki Tabert, Gwen Warren
Court Reporter Andrea Evans
Community Resource Officer Deputy Pete Ball
Drug Court Compliance Officer Joe Myall
Drug Court Volunteers Debbie Ball
Grant Administrator Betsy Bosch
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