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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

April 24, 2015

Honorable Jay B. Roof 


Hon. Jeffrey Jahns
Kitsap County District Court Judge

Keynote Speaker

"You will have successes, hope, joy and happiness. Forgive yourself today for yesterday's past."

We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.

Alex E., Graduate
"This was my opportunity to a better life beyond the life of drugs."

William C., Graduate
"I didn't understand there was a life beyond drugs. But now I know how to get goodness back in my life."

Randall K., Graduate
“Drug court's rewards are imaginable." 


Justin G., Graduate

“On my last day of using, I was picked out of a trash can, and a thug. Twenty-some months of drug court later, I'm proud to say I am your son, your nephew, your brother, and your father."

Alyssa O., Graduate
"Drug court has given me the tools to make it!"

Tanner T., Graduate
"Thank you Drug Court Team and my family."

Corey N., Graduate
"That's who I knew. This is who I KNOW!"

Shawn K., Graduate

"Drug court saved my life. Have a willingness and trust the process."

Travis S., Graduate

Randa A., Graduate
"I was once living with hope. Now I know I can begin each day and make a new end."

Trisha D. Graduate


Patrick B., Graduate


Kelly R., Graduate

Denise B., Graduate


Drug Court Graduates and Judge Jay B. Roof 

“This morning represents an opportunity for a new beginning. Recovery is a process not an event. The heart of our program is treatment, personal growth and sobriety.”
                                                                          - Judge Jay B. Roof

Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jay B. Roof
Treatment Court Manager Samantha K. Lyons
Kitsap Recovery Center Bergen Starke, Director
Scott Dalgleish
Demian Putzke
Jackie Tolentino
Carla Carlsen
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kellie L. Pendras
Courthouse Service Dog Kerris
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy
Court Clerks Gwen Warren
Community Resource Officer Deputy Montague
Drug Court Compliance Officer Victoria Ackerman
Andrew Sawtell
Riveka Crooms
KMHS Mental Health Specialist Ashley Mitchusson
Administrative Specialist Julie McGill
Grant Administrator Gay Neal
Updated:  May 14, 2015


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