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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

July 29, 2010

Honorable Jay B. Roof 


Leonard Forsman
Suquamish Tribal Council Chair
Keynote Speaker

"Sometimes you'll have to fight for your sobriety. 
You are going to make mistakes but being honest
and truthful will help you get through it."

Sherry T.

Sherry T. .
Alumni Speaker

To the Graduates: 

"Congratulations.  Remember what you have learned."


We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.


Ben, Graduate
"It's been wonderful."


Travis, Graduate

"Many thanks to the
Drug Court team, my
friends and my family."


Jessica, Graduate
“I'm definitely grateful!" 


Sheena, Graduate
“I will hold my head
high in victory."


Alan, Graduate
“Today I stand here very
humble and thankful."


 Shawn, Graduate
"Thank you for everything."


Aren, Graduate
"To my family, thank you. 
You are everything to me!"


David, Graduate
"Thanks to the Drug Court Staff."


Shannon, Graduate
"I'd like to thank my
family, friends and
Drug Court."


Daniel, Graduate
"I'd like to thank my
family for believing in me.


Mario, Graduate
"Thank God for remembering
me. I did not know what I
needed but He did."


Douglas, Graduate
"I'm very thankful and grateful
for the opportunity to participate
in the Drug Court program."


Troy, Graduate
"Thank you [Mom and Dad]
in helping me through my
journey out of chaos."


K'Pel, Graduate
"I never thought I would
make through this but here
I am today, grateful."


Anthony, Graduate
"Most of all I'd like to
thank my parents for
supporting me."


Justin, Graduate
"Living in a ditch
isn't living at all."


Nichole, Graduate
If I can change, anyone can."

Drug Court Graduates, Judge Jay B. Roof and Leonard Forsman

It is important to realize the grasp drugs have on
those addicted.  We know that this is a chronic
relapsing disease.  Each of us knows the power of the
disease but each of us knows that together we
have the strength to beat it.”

                                                           - Judge Jay B. Roof

Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jay B. Roof
Drug Court Case Manager Cherie Lusk
Kitsap Recovery Center Lisa Romwall, Steve Kohrt, Bergen Starke, Glenda McPherson, and Carla Carlsen
Cascade Recovery Center Rick Bialock and Brian Burwell
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Kelly
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy, Clarke Tibbits
Court Clerks Gwen Warren, Angie Younger
Drug Court Assistant Anthony Grim
Community Resource Officer Deputy Pete Ball
Drug Court Compliance Officer Joe Myall
Drug Court Volunteer Debbie Ball
Grant Administrator Betsy Bosch
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