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Kitsap Drug Court Commencement

October 26, 2007

Honorable Jay B. Roof 


Alumni Speaker

“When I was a participant in the Drug Court program, this
team saw something inside me that I didn’t see in myself. 
Today I am a father, grandparent, honor student, and
have an internship at KRC.  Drug Court has changed my life.”

We acknowledge the hard work and of these participants who have successfully completed the Drug Court program.

Gary, Graduate
"Drug Court helped me get over
a lot of my fears.  With all
the positive people in the program,
I now have the self-esteem that
I need to focus where I want
to go in life."

Derek, Graduate
"Thank you Bergen, I walked in
here a broken man and you
saved my life."

Scott, Graduate
"Because of Drug Court my
family is part of my life again. 
Life is good right now, and the
possibilities are endless."

Nathan, Graduate
"Thank you Rick and Judge Roof for helping me make this change
in my life.  Lauren, I love you. 
And thank you to my parents for
being there one more time when
you said you wouldn't be."

Bob, Graduate
"Thank you to all the friends
I've made in this program. 
I couldn't do it without you."

Joe, Graduate
"Thank you Judge Roof
for treating an addict like a
human being and believing in me. 
You truly deserve the title 'Judge'. 
Steve, you have been a true teacher. 
And every gift is a blessing."

Dorinda, Graduate
"When I first got here I was alone
and broken.  Drug Court has
taught me how to live today,
and to love myself.  Thank
you with all my heart."

Twina, Graduate
"This has been a long journey. 
I was so angry, selfish,
and miserable.  Today I'm a
full-time student, I work full-time,
and I take care of my son.  Thank
you for all you have done for me."

Keith, Graduate
"When I entered this program I was lost and confused.  Thank you to everyone on the staff for the structure and support that I needed.  I really want to thank my parents as well."

Annette, Graduate
"Thank you for showing me
that I'm not a bad person.  And for
showing me a way to live, today I
have the simple desire to live. 
Thank you to every single
person who helped me get here."

Staci, Graduate
"When I came here I
had lost everything.  I want to
thank everybody who got me
back on track.  Thank you."

Paula, Graduate
"Thank you to the staff at
Cascade for believing in me from
the beginning.  Judge Roof you
have great wisdom, thank you
for sharing that with me."

Bill, Graduate
"The Drug Court staff has really cared about me and my recovery.  I like to think while we are in Drug Court we have a 'Roof' over our head.  Thank you also to my family, this is right where I want to be."

Jacinda, Graduate
"There are not enough words
to express how I'm feeling.  I
wouldn't have stayed clean
and sober without Drug Court. 
This program has saved my
life and given me my
family back.  Thank you."


Drug Court Graduates, Judge Jay B. Roof and Alumni Speaker, John

“I am very proud of each and every one of you for realizing that you need treatment to break the cycle of addiction.  While in this program you have attended approximately 156 treatment sessions, 234 Twelve Step AA or NA meetings 78 minimum UA's, and 44 times in Court.  Congratulations to you all.  ”
                                                          - Judge Jay B. Roof


Drug Court Team Members

Judge Jay B. Roof
Drug Court Case Manager Cherie Lusk
Kitsap Recovery Center Lisa Romwall, Steve Kohrt, Bergen Starke, Glenda McPherson, and Carla Carlsen
Cascade Recovery Center Rick Bialock
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kate Sigafoos
Defense Attorney Jacob Murphy
Court Clerk Vicki Tabert
Gwen Warren
Court Reporter Andrea Evans
Community Resource Officer Deputy Pete Ball
Drug Court Compliance Officer Penny Simpson
Drug Court Compliance Specialist Joe Myall
Drug Court Assistant Katie Ulrigg
Drug Court Volunteer Jack Dirks
Debbie Ball
Grant Administrator Betsy Bosch
Bailiff Joy Nesseth 
Community Support Nilsen Appliance            
D & D Painting     
Lutheran Brotherhood
St. Vincent DePaul 
Noah's Ark Restaurant
Duane Kesti, Farmers Insurance
GTH Design Techniques, Inc. 
Murray's Quality Painting
Doug and Kathryn Quade
Olympic Cluster Women of the ELCA
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